One plus one is three, I'm telling you... (eef review)


Jul 9 2008, 23h27

Tue 24 Jun – Eef Barzelay, Ferraby Lionheart
So. I took Brooke, as an early birthday present, to see Eef at Schuba's in Chicago on June 24, 2008. Yeah. A while ago already. Whoops.

I had never seen Eef Barzelay before as the headliner. Granted, I doubt I would have ever heard of him if not for opening for Mr. Folds. Be that as it may, a Eef headlining show is so much better. Though. I do love him as an opener, cause there's more shows I can make it to, cause Ben's stops are closer together. Anyway.

We had a hard time finding a place to park near Schuba's. Drove by Eef who was by the van several times. I don't know why, but seeing the artist you're their to see before the gig is almost awkward. I remember one time in Columbia, MO (if you were wondering so much) Brooke and I were on a search for a ATM and we were talking about someone on the Ben Folds livejournal community who once walked by Ben and regretted not stopping to talk. And I was saying something about how if Ben walked by me I'd promtly turn around. And who was walking behind us? None other than Lindsay Jamieson. And we were like. UUUUUUUUUUUUH. DID HE HEAR US? Oh man. We were even lamer then than we are now. :P

First up was Ferraby Lionheart (and Brooke and I decided that the tour should have been named "Yes, I'm not kidding, my parents named me that") and he was pretty decent. Had that slow melodic acoustic guitar thing going on. And he sings in the same style as someone else, but I can't place it. Like, the way he physically sings/opens his mouth. That was such a random thought. I KNOW. Okay....

Then Eef and his band (which was really Ole Mossy Face, which is really Jared Reynold's old band... yeah, yeah, yeah, I know) took stage. And MAN did they smell of pot. Anyway. The set list had come out prior and I saw that it was very heavy on Lose Big. Which is great, cause that's the brand new album, and I hadn't seen a damn thing off of it yet, despite the fact that this was the sixth concert of his I would be in attendance of, and the 7th time I'd see him in the flesh. It's true.

The show, as a whole was pretty phenomenal. It was great to hear Eef fully flushed out with drums and the like.
1. Could Be Worse
2. The Girls Don't Care
3. Numerology
4. Make Another Tree
5. Apocalyptic Friend (which Eef told us was written based on someone who he was driving behind's bumper sticker)
6. Marie (NEW!)
7. Fight Song Melodies
8. Ballad Of Bitter Honey
9. Well
10. Something Beautiful
Band Back:
11. Lose BIg
12. Show of It (new?)
13 & 14 Then two songs on the ukulele that were all new.
Then they "left" for an encore, but there's no backstage at Scuba's so they just stood off the side of the stage and Eef was pumping his fists with us. Hahah.
I want to say they played something else here, and I can't find my extra sheet i took notes on... I want to say it was How Dare They but they ended with
16? No One's More Happy Than You

Somewhere in there Eef told us this horrendus story about his son. Well. Disgusting. I guess they used to live in NYC and they were in central park one day and his son ran off like little kids do, and came back looking really proud of himself that he'd found something. Well. that something was a used condom. oh that's not the end of it. apparently there were ants eating the semen in there. and Eef sang a little ditty about that. yep. good times.

After the show went over and talked to Eef. But, not after grabbing the set list from the stage.
And got him to sign it. It's pretty hilarious. He drew a bubble letter B but crossed it out and then wrote EEF behind it. hahaha. And chatted with him a bit. And told him that the 90 miles was one of the smallest distances I had ever traveled to see him. He said something about how long it was to Nashville from there. I told him, oh, no, I flew there. And he responded; "oh well, we though we'd see you there." WHAT.


OKAY. And laughed about that for a bit. And he said something about how Ben was filming a DVD of some sorts, but how he "can't keep up with that guy." And I told him we already knew about it, but it was for Nashville people only. Parted ways and told him I'd hope to see him again soon.


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