shit shit shit shit, poop poop poop poop, note the difference? Ben Folds Show #23


Mai 29 2008, 20h31

Wed 28 May – Ben Folds, Julia Nunes

1. Errant Dog
2. Gone
3. You To Thank
4. Free Coffee
5. All U Can Eat
6. Rock This Bitch in Sign
7. Landed
8. Hiroshima
9. Annie Waits
10. Bastard
11. Not The Same
12. Theme From "Dr. Pyser"
13. Fred Jones Part 2
14. Gracie (complete with fucking it up, and he changed the lyrics a little bit to fit his fuck up)
15. Kylie From Connecticut (band returns half way through like normal)
16. Underground
17. Army
18. Kate
19. Narcolepsy
20. Zak And Sara
21. Effington
22. Rockin' The Suburbs
23. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

Mel, Brooke and I were in row C seats 11-13. And tambo-man looks funny without all his hair. The kiddies were backstage last night. It was amusing to see Louis rockin out on the air-bass for the few songs they were in the wings for. And after every song he was all cheering and it was pretty cute. It was also weird to be at a seated show. Stood up whenever possible. Here's my favorite quote from the guy in the seat next to me... after we yelled for Kylie he turns to me and says; "How do you know all these songs that aren't on any album yet?" "Uhhh, well, we kinda follow Ben around......" and then was talking to Courtney (merch mistress) after the show; "was it you guys that yelled for Kylie?" "of course it was us!"

Ben Folds was as great as ever. Julia Nunes? I dunno if she even conceptualized the fact that she was opening for Ben FOLDS. Seemed not to. Covered NSync and Say Anything and couldn't remember her own songs..... :\


  • cody_saoyrn

    Hi, I followed you over here from the event page. I love your journal title, by the way; she's still vaguely traumatized by that. :) I wanted to ask you (I hope you don't mind) if you have any idea if that improv will show up as an mp3 anywhere, because goddamn it was epic.

    Mai 31 2008, 1h30
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