• Twilight Movie

    Abr 12 2008, 18h48

    emm.. xD well there are 2 new
    official videos on the web, and
    i love them <3<3 they re
    o awesom xD and i totally
    love Jasper (Jackson), looks so good
    lol, his hair its ok xD after the
    mtv video, i love it lol

    ET Behind Scenes (love floor scene)

    Mtv News (Love Jasper, and that Kristen And Robert look so much like a real relationship xD)

    Mtv Meet The Characters! amazing 4 min xD

  • 30 stm (Can't wait for new album)

    Mar 27 2008, 0h28

    ^^ Well, i think i should be
    patient, cause they always
    take their time to release the new
    album, but i just can't wait
    what's gonna change now??
    i mean, the first album and the second one
    are complete different ( and
    i love bout of them ^^ and seems that its
    gonna be a heavier album =D)
    and there are these 2 songs
    that seems to be in the new one
    ( sisters of heresy, the believer <3, some
    other sun) and i already
    like them ( even they are only
    played live) .
    I gotta sya i get frustrated every time
    i read that 30stm
    its emo T.T i'm not gonna
    fight against that because there are
    a lot of people that think that _(cause
    the 2 album, they need to listen
    the first one ¬¬). But
    i get a little angry even that.

    Provehito In Altum Astrum

    Some Other Sun

    The Believer

    Sisters Of Heresy


    (All The Songs Are From 30stm, And All Are Rumored To Be In The Next Album <3)
  • Twilight ^^

    Mar 27 2008, 0h16

    =P well well, i gotta say i found
    some incredible songs that i just
    love in the stephenie meyer page ^^
    and that i just love twilight ,lol
    uhmm, i found out about that saga thnks
    to Mich!! xD she's not happy with that
    she thinks i have a problem ¬¬
    but anyway =P i just can't wait
    for the forth book , OMG
    what's gonna happen?? xD and i
    like the cast of the movie, i'm
    not sure about Esme, or Jasper
    hair ( reminds me to Ken, the barbie lol)
    but i think its gonna be an amazing and
    Robert & Kristen are doing really well
    I Just Hoppe that the movie
    can release simultaneously =P
    Edward (Robert Pattinson) & Bella (Kristen Stewart) (OMG)

    ( I Don't Own This Picture)

    Jasper Hair!! (OMG)

    ( I Don't Own This Picture)
    Oh my... xD love the floor thing
  • Provehito In Altum Astrum

    Mar 5 2008, 23h54

    ^^ Some people had ask me about
    the phrase i write =P its (Provehito In Altum Astrum)
    As some of 30stm listeners most know ^^
    its from 30stm lol, but i added the astrum
    (in latin means Stars) so, i think
    provehito in altum means Reach for the heights
    and with stars will be "Reach for the heights of stars"
    ^^ but u can tell it means "Launch forward into the deep"
    but there's no especific one so...
    i choose one =P