These new CDs are keeping me out of the sunshine


Abr 10 2011, 9h00

Hello everyone!

I still buy CDs. I should probably join that massive group on here called "I still buy CDs". I also buy vinyl in charity shops and the like. However, I haven't listened to any of my records for ages due to not having anything set up to play them on at the moment (it had to get packed away due to a mouldy wall...long story).

This week I have no money because I am a silly mare. Firstly it was my boyfriend's birthday and I bought him a banjo. Also I spent £49 in HMV the other day on Fur and Gold, Two Suns, Further Complications, Random Album Title, Magnetic Man and the original soundtrack to The Wicker Man which set me back fifteen quid but I've been meaning to buy it for years so what the hell.

I've also been meaning to get some Bat for Lashes since I saw her supporting Radiohead a couple of summers back so I figured I'd splash out on both her albums (that's all of them, right?)

I'm hoping I enjoy the Magnetic Man and deadmau5 albums in their entirety - I can often find albums in the dance genre a little tedious to listen to from start to finish ( there's a sweeping generalisation for you. I hate myself.) - but the singles that prompted me to buy each of their albums are so eerily beautiful that even if the rest of the albums turn out to be a complete crock of shite I'd still be happy as larry.

Oooh...almost forgot. I also bought The Fool the other day. It's very good. I really wanted to see them at Lancaster Library but I missed the ticket boat. Dammit. :(
I am not going to buy tickets from a tout because I think they are about as evil as Gaddafi. Roughly.

Well...I think that's it!
I'll leave you to your Sunday.

Mitford Rebel


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