Yay, one I haven't done before...


Jan 9 2007, 14h28

Put your Media Player on shuffle.
The song title is the answer.


The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
Song: Pounding
Artist: Doves
Yeah, cos I'm gonna say that...(eh?)

Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
Song: The Last Time
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Talking about the last time you were drunk? Yeah, that works, I guess.

Your message to the world:
Song: Children
Artist: Robert Miles
I had no idea I even owned a copy of this song (brings back some memories), but I wouldn't say that "Children" is my message to the world. Although, if there were no children, the human race would end, so I might have been being really deep, there. =P "I believe that children are the fuutuuuure!! Teach them well and let them lead the waaay!"

Your deepest secret:
Song: Gettin' High
Artist: Ian Brown
I haven't actually gotten high for ages. But I suppose it's a bit of a secret, yeah.
This song is fucking ace. B) In fact the whole album, Golden Greats is my favourite album of his.

Your innermost desire:
Song: The Cedar Room
Artist: Doves
Well, for a start this goes to show how non-shuffly "shuffle" is, but I'm not gonna cheat...
I don't know why I would desire a cedar room, either.

Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
Song: She Bangs the Drums
Artist: The Stone Roses
Hopefully this isn't implying that I'll marry a woman.

On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
Song: Opportunity Three
Artist: The Charlatans
Erm...I don't think I'll be saying that, unless it's a secret code for "goodbye! I love you! I'll see you on the other side!" or something to that effect.

Your friends say behind your back:
Song: The Bogus Man
Artist: Roxy Music
Well, that's nice of them. :S

You say behind your friends' back:
Song: Interview With Jimmy Page
Artist: Led Zeppelin
I wish I did interview Jimmy Page behind my friends' backs! But I do talk about Jimmy Page, yes. Not that it's a big secret I need to keep from them, or anything like that.

When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
Song: Morning Dew
Artist: Robert Plant
How fitting! =D

If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
Song: The Fallen
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
I might have just fallen from the sky a-la LOST?

Right now, your feelings are:
Song: Dimples
Artist: John Lee Hooker

What's your excuse for reposting this:
Song: Start the Fire
Artist: No Doubt
Maybe it's a decoy while I go about commiting arson...

Your life's soundtrack:
Song: Zuton Fever
Artist: The Zutons
Well, I wouldn't go that far! I don't like 'em that much!

The day you fall in love will be the day that:
Song: Nobody's Fault but Mine (from Listen To This Eddie 21st June 1977)
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Ah, that makes sense. I like that. B)

What do people assume when they first look at you?
Track: Billy Lyons & Stack-O-Lee
Artist: Furry Lewis

What will be a big challenge in life for you?
Track: New Year's Prayer
Artist: Jeff Buckley
Hmm...well, I didn't have any problems this new year, so I'd better watch out for the next one, I guess!

Are you a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
Song: Itinerant Child
Artist: Ian Dury & The Blockheads
What does "itinerant" mean?

Do you have a secret admirer?
Song: Message To Love
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Oooh! I'll take that as a yes.

Will you ever become manically depressed in your life?
Song: Get What You Need
Artist: Jet
I'll get depressed if I need to?

How will you die?
Song: This Wreckage
Artist: Gary Numan
Oh crap... :'(

Is someone trying to kill you?
Song: I Suffer With The Blues
Artist: Buddy Guy
Should I take that as a no or a yes?

What's for dinner tonight?
Song: Little Boys
Artist: Devendra Banhart
I hope not!

Your farewell message to the readers of this:
Song: Running Up That Hill
Artist: Kate Bush
I guess that must be how I'm departing...


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