Little game about lyrics


Ago 26 2007, 21h56

Comment, listing the number, name, and artist of the song, to guess which ones they are.

Step 1: Put your Media Player/iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
Step 3: Cross out the song when someone guesses correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

1. Spiral revelation morphis of change
2. Down on the other side of things the triggers fast and light
3. Jump in heat Plunge to your truth
4. Clock is ticking while I’m killing time
5. Turn around it's criminal
6. My mind is under an attack although no one sees
7. Once he was someone whose honesty made me believe
8. Here comes the rain again Falling on my head like a memory
9. The frost hits me in the eye and wakes me
10. Wake up sick, sick from your bleeding
11. Through the sky, the blood of gof pour out on the Kobold streets
12. I'm waiting for your hands to fold around my wrist
13. I don't need an education I learnt all I need from you
14. I watch you liquid watching me I smell you breathing heracy
15. Here I am,the future is mine
16. I make a call, so far to fall Restless craving, inundating
17. Razor sharp I cut, The bull from my life
18. This world rejects me This world threw me away
19. Unlearn Me Ditch what I read Behind what I heard
20. If you want it, did you never want for more The Girl Scout fell from grace
21. You can look but you can't touch
22. Enchantress came to me and said "Meet me at the lake tonight"
23. I am bottled, fizzy water, and you are shaking me up
24. Stop your nonsense my dear
25. Bees in the caramel and I'm not afraid
26. They're getting ugly they're a horror show
27. Pandora's box step inside pandora's box i don't mind
28. The torture won't part you motherly breast won't warm you
29. Death feels like the butterfly can't escape the scarred lie
30. In her place one hundred candles burning
31. Why did I ever think life is about to go on in a minute
32. Naive little pieces of What they tried to teach her
33. The sun is sleeping quietly
34. The ordeal has begun To oblige the unknown, within me
35. Seems three years though maybe four, Someone drops dead whom I adore
36. God sometimes you just don't come through
37. Biting keeps your words at bay tending to the sores that stay
38. Rose Rose Rose Red Will I ever see thee wed?
39. Towers escaping by millions on floating platforms Glowing from lunar reflection
40. I am the liar's nation, oh yeah
41. Bat your eyes girl Be otherworldly Count your blessings Seduce a stranger
42. Give me some antiseptic To wash this headache away
43. I hear a noise inside my brain it is caressing me
44. Skin so cold I knew you'd go away
45. My god loved the whores and babies
46. Every finger in the room is pointing at me
47. On behalf of her love she no longer sleeps
48. I can see your pain, You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen
49. Come to me to feel my protection
50. See beyond the moment Think beyond the day

Artists used:
After Forever
Emilie Autumn
Jack Off Jill
Lacuna Coil
Nine Inch Nails
Skinny Puppy
Stolen Babies
The Birthday Massacre
The Crüxshadows
The Dresden Dolls
The Gathering
The Secret Meeting
Tori Amos
Type O Negative
Within Temptation
Zombie Girl


  • Solyndra

    22. Nightwish - White Night Fantasy 33. Nightwish - Sleeping Sun Those are the only ones getting through now. ^^;

    Ago 27 2007, 10h03
  • HasBestOpinions

    26. The Birthday Massacre - Horror Show

    Ago 27 2007, 10h09
  • WishoftheNight

    42. jack off jill - american made 37. dresden dolls - bad habit 20. jack off jill - girl scout 15. after forever - between love and fire 8. is a eurythmics cover but I do not know by whom. 38 sounds Emilie Autumn like, but I am not sure what song

    Ago 27 2007, 11h11
  • deathbyglitter

    4 - Lacuna Coil - Our Truth 18 - NIN - Burn 36 - Tori Amos - God 46 - Tori Amos - Crucify :D

    Ago 27 2007, 17h27
  • Lizzat


    Ago 27 2007, 23h52
  • ChasingTheGhost

    LOL i love u lizzy :P

    Ago 27 2007, 23h54
  • Azrael_0

    45. kidneythieves - Taxicab Messiah 50. Emilie Autumn - Prologue: Across The Sky

    Ago 28 2007, 8h20
  • colourofsleep

    30. Type O Negative - Love You to Death

    Ago 30 2007, 5h47
  • MistressVenoma

    1. Collide-Falling up

    Ago 31 2007, 7h00
  • MistressVenoma

    43. Zombie Girl-Bleeder

    Ago 31 2007, 7h02
  • MistressVenoma

    27. Collide-Pandora's Box

    Ago 31 2007, 7h03
  • ChasingTheGhost

    There is ALOT of songs by The Gathering in here. Someone atleast get one.

    Ago 31 2007, 14h27
  • WishoftheNight

    6 after forever - life's a vortex

    Ago 31 2007, 20h15
  • firesatmidnight

    25. Band Aid Covers the Bullet Hole - Scarling 34. Monolith of Doubt - After Forever

    Set 13 2007, 16h27
  • LE0_

    17 - The Gathering - A Life All Mine

    Nov 27 2007, 15h27
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