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Faixa Duração
1 Serj TankianEmpty Walls Loved track 3:50
2 Jimi Hendrix...And the Gods Made Love Loved track 1:22
3 ToolMessage to Harry Manback Loved track 1:14
4 Serj TankianThe Unthinking Majority Loved track 3:49
5 All That RemainsI Die In Degrees Loved track 3:29
6 It Dies TodayBled Out In Black And White Loved track 3:12
7 The Bonus ArmyFrom The Heart Loved track 1:26
8 Roadrunner UnitedBaptized In The Redemption (Album Version) 3:18
9 DevilDriverThese Fighting Words 3:57
10 We Came As RomansBroken Statues Loved track 3:41

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