My Eurovision 2006


Mai 27 2006, 19h34

This is how my table of Eurovision points would look like:

12 points - Romania, Mihai Traistariu
Great dance song, with beat in the refrain. Cool one.

10 points - Monaco Severine Ferrer very egsotic song, great for holidays. I also liked her French-Tahitian languadge mix.

8 points - Moldova Arsenium & Natalia Gordienko
Arsenium is certanly better withou O-Zone, Natalia was singing great as well.

7 points - Armenia Andre
As for first appearence in Eurovision, it was great song and very good place.

6 points - Ukraine Tina Karol
Well, it sounds like typical pop song, still it's nice.

5 points - Norway Christine Gulbrandsen
Great song, really Scandinavian influence was visible.

4 points - Belgium Kate Ryan
Kate is great singer, her song was also great, but she was singing terrible in Athens. She could do much better.

3 points - Lithuania LT United
Well, points for the idea of the song.

2 points - Russia Dima Bilan
Typical pop song, but I couldn't find anything better

1 point - Bosnia and Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari
This song didn't have any special melody, still it was interesting.


  • Vami

    Lordi ownz

    Mai 27 2006, 20h27
  • Cement

    każdemu bym dał punkty byle nie Lordi :)

    Mai 27 2006, 20h30
  • Lappish

    Romania was AMAZING! :)

    Mai 28 2006, 19h38
  • Cement

    Yes it was !!! Mihai Traistariu will be on 1st place in my weekly chart :)

    Mai 28 2006, 20h57
  • MCFuzbaler

    I still think the Eurosong as such is terrible. I was rather surprised to see Kate Ryan performing there, but hey, since Scooter tried to represent Germany with Jigga Jigga, ... Don't get me wrong. Kate and Scooter are good, Eurosong isn't. :)

    Mai 30 2006, 8h43
  • Cement

    yess I agree :) Kate is truely star of dance music, Scooter is great as well.

    Mai 30 2006, 15h01
  • talkingmusic

    I still think Carola was great, Christine Guldbrandsen, wow, I cant stop listening to the song. Romania, WOW! Some people in the west (don't worry I am 'west' too) should stop complaining about friends voting for friends. It is about time our countries (mine is Holland) will come up with such great songs as from Romania, Russia, Ukraine

    Jun 15 2006, 6h26
  • lamarga

    well.. for me armenia was the best, together with Russia, Bosnia and.. my freak side :P FINLAND!!! haha HAPPY EUROVISION TIME ;)

    Set 8 2006, 15h02
  • s_e_a

    UK song was funny & cool, it reminds me AQUA's songs))

    Set 10 2006, 13h15
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