Jul 4 2006, 9h50

go to and type in the names of your top ten overall artists, then pick one of the first googlisms about real point to this, just boredom :P

1. System of a Down is a Sick Band

2. Korn is good for you

3. Dope is legal in uk reuters

4. Evanescence is going to have a theme contest

5. Slipknot is satanic

6. Rob Zombie is an aficionado of horror flicks

7. Otep is a band and a person

8. Eminem is gay

9. The Living End is still singing about the same social issues they ranted about on their breakout self

10. Seether is neither



    Write: Lepper, Kaczynski, Warszawa & Katowice :D

    Out 1 2006, 10h50
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