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    Nov 10 2010, 5h02

    I do these on several other boards, so I figured I'd bring them over here. I'm starting here with the 32nd entry in this series, but all the previous entries can be found here:

    My goal with this series is to turn people on to bands that aren't normally discussed or even mentioned unless they are part of a large list of bands that someone posts in a recommendation topic. Recommending large amounts of bands is fine, but I notice that a lot of times, the bands either never get listened to, or the few who do track them down never discuss them...which doesn't really lead to anything interesting.

    My goal isn't to dredge up the most obscure crap on earth, as a lot of stuff is obscure for a reason. Hopefully though the band will be new to a good number of folks here. I've been averaging about 1 or 2 recommendations a week, giving time for people to check stuff out, and for the recommendation to sink in. Feel free to PM me through if you are having trouble finding a copy of the album...I'm almost always glad to help (either through uploading or links to places where the album can be purchased if it's still in print). Though please be sure to actually attempt finding it on your own...

    That said...away we go.

    I can't remember where I first heard about this next band, but I'm glad I did. Some killer mid 80's death/black style thrash.

    Band: Damnakleez
    Album: Angel of Evil
    Genre: thrash
    Year: 1986
    Origin: USA
    Label: Self-released

    These guys are certainly more on the thrash side than anything else, but this stuff is savage for it's time. The recording is a bit treble heavy, but it's a 24 year old demo tape, so what the hell do you want out of it? Definitely something that should be on more peoples tongues (and playlists), but it seems that these guys got pretty overlooked.

    They definitely take a few things from Possessed and a few more from Dark Angel, but overall I don't know if I'd say they sound like either band.

    Best Track(s): Victory for the Wicked, Damnakleez

    Recommended for fans of: Dark Angel, Damnation, early black/thrash, early death/thrash


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