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Jan 31 2006, 3h58

I know everyone always does the list of cd's they own or wish they own so I decided to be different. This is a list of cd's that my parents have that I listen to almost as much or as much as my own cd's(or have at sometime in my life done so). I of course have copies of most of them My parents have pretty good taste in music at times (though some of these are more guilty pleasures then anything (ie: Barry Manilow). It doesn't show my personal taste in music per se but it shows how my parents have effected my musical taste.

-Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
-Alan Jackson - Greatest Hits Vol. 2
-Allman Brothers - The Best Of The Allman Brothers
-Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Phantom of the Opera & Jesus Christ Superstar
-Anne Murray - Greatest Hits
-The B-52's - Cosmic Thing
-Badlands - Voodoo Highway
-Barbara Mandrell - Ultimate Collection
-Barbra Streisand - Guilty & Guilty Pleasures
-Barry Manilow - Ultimate Manilow
-The Beach Boys - Endless Summer, Sunflower & Surf's Up
-The Beatles - Abbey Road & The White Album
-The Bee Gees - The Record: Their Greatest Hits
-Billy Idol - Greatest Hits
-Bo Bice - The Real Thing
-Bobbie Gentry - The Capitol Years: Ode to Bobbie Gentry
-Carole King - Tapestry
-The Carpenters - The Singles 1969-1973
-Celine Dion - The Colour Of My Love, Falling Into You & Let's Talk About Love
-Cher - Believe
-Coldplay - X & Y
-Cream - The Very Best of Cream
-David Bowie - Best of Bowie
-Dusty Springfield - The Dusty Springfield Anthology
-Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Brew
-Gloria Estefan - Unwrapped
-The Go-Go's - Beauty and The Beat & God Bless The Go-Go's
-The Goo Goo Dolls - Gutterflower
-Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
-Jack Wagner - All I Need & Dancing In The Moonlight
-Jackson Five - ABC
-Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814
-Jeff Austin Black - Criminal
-Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Know By Heart & License To Chill
-Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions
-Keane - Hopes and Fears
-The Killers - Hot Fuss
-Kimberley Locke - One Love
-Led Zeppelin - The Best of Led Zeppelin
-Linda Ronstadt - The Best of Linda Ronstadt, Prisoner in Disguise, Winter Light & Cry Like A Rainstorm - Howl Like The Wind
-Madonna - Like A Prayer
-The Mamas & The Papas - Complete Anthology
-matchbox twenty - Yourself or Someone Like You
-Meja - Seven Sisters
-Melissa Manchester - Platinum & Gold Collection
-Michael Bolton - Greatest Hits 1985-1995
-Michael Jackson - Thriller & Bad
-The Osmonds - Osmondmania! Osmond Family Greatest Hits
-Patty Loveless - Long Stretch of Lonesome
-Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl
-Peter, Paul & Mary - Ten Years Together: The Best of Peter, Paul & Mary
-Petula Clark - The Ultimate Petula Clark
-Pink Floyd - The Wall & Wish You Were Here
-The Pointer Sisters - Greateset Hits
-Queen Latifah - The Dana Owens Album
-The Raspberries - Greatest Hits
-Reba McEntire - Greatest Hits & Reba Live
-Rick Springfield - Greatest Hits
-Righteous Brothers - Anthology's 1&2
-Rob Thomas - ...Something To Be
-Santana - Supernatural
-Shakira - Oral Fixation, Vol. 2
-Simon & Garfunkel - Definitive Simon And Garfunkel
-Stevie Nicks - Trouble In Shangri-La
-Sugarland - Twice The Speed of Life
-Talking Heads - The Best of Talking Heads
-Trisha Yearwood - Jasper Country
-U2 - Best of 1980-1990, Best of 1990-2000 & How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb


  • Tr1xx

    Funny, but in my case at least, this is a subject often raised while drinking a few pints at weekends. Popular music has 'matured' over the past 40 years... to the extent that musical tastes now seem to span two or even three generations. I'm a bit older than you, (I admit to being over 40), and can honestly say that there were VERY few artists that my parents and I had a common liking for. This situation is much rarer nowadays. You only have to look at the popularity of 'old world' artists like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Queen, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Who, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, as an example. I also bet there's a sh**load of wrinklies buying James Blunt's current album. Things have been affected by the longer 'shelflife' of mainstream artists too, (Rolling Stones, Elton, Bowie, Madonna, Kate Bush, U2, Kylie, R.E.M., Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Blondie, etc.). Judging by this website, I seem to share similar tastes with loads of folks 20 years younger than me. Luckily I still love a good percentage of new music being released today. Ironically, some old stuff leaves me cold though; for instance I'm not an Elvis Fan, (apart from Suspicious Minds, which is among my all-time favourite pop songs). On the other hand, I've developed a strong liking for Northern Soul music over the past few years. Most of the NS material I like dates back to 1966-76, and I probably never even heard most of the songs then - largely because it never crossed the pond to the UK here. Things have changed radically thanks to TV, radio, cheap air travel, and of course - the Internet. In case you get the wrong idea, I also rather like some more recent artists like Eminem, Coldplay, Scissor Sisters, Black Eyed Peas, Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani. Oh, and finally, IMHO cheesy artists like Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, etc., are OK if taken with a large pinch of salt.

    Fev 3 2006, 17h54
  • nikolaiprorokov

    i like this band(go-go's)-they have super lp of 1981 when they are in the bathroom photos at the cover

    Fev 4 2006, 20h04
  • karlsmart

    LOL, great idea! Your parents must rock, considering their taste in music! Doing this thing with my parents' cd's would be kinda boring I guess, since practically all they listen to is classical music!

    Mar 9 2006, 21h08
  • Carali

    yeah, my parents have always had pretty good taste in music. My mom especiallly, but dad has his moments.

    Mar 10 2006, 1h59
  • Humpage

    The B-52's! My mum brainwashed me with them and I luv 'em!

    Abr 13 2006, 17h29
  • Carali

    Gotta love the B-52's. I even went to see them live with my parents at one point.

    Abr 13 2006, 23h07
  • wingkon

    Nice list. I can say that a lot of my parent's CDs influenced my taste

    Mai 10 2010, 0h17
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