Nashville Pussy, May 23rd, 2001, Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, MB Canada


Dez 14 2006, 4h35

Nashville Pussy is a strange little band I found out about by their very large coverage in the Winnipeg Sun newspaper. I remember first seeing pictures of the two sleazily dressed women in the band and then reading what was written about them. When they played here a while ago, it seemed the Sun wrote about them everyday until the event. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Sun was behind them though, the paper will print anything they can attach a nice colour photo of a babe to.

It's been a while and the Pussy have played here a few times now. I haven't been able to catch them until last night.

At first I was a little peeved because I had known the gorgeous blonde amazon bass player Corey Parks had quit the band for some time now and I had really wanted to see them all together. Heck, she would blow fire on stage! Anyhow, someone named Tracy Almazon has replaced her and I had no idea what she would be like.

There were two opening acts, one being a local one. Both sucked. The second act, Tricky Woo (who are touring with the Pussy) had quite an amazing front man. Unfortunately it was easy to lose interest after two songs as it appeared that he was the band. He would sing (poorly) and jam on his guitar (really well). It reminded me of a Jimi Hendrix clone. While his guitaring sounded amazing, I just was not in the mood to hear it. I did feel bad that both opening acts had a terrible sound person though. Hopefully the Pussy brought their own.

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy! They arrived. Heck I was on the floor and the singer Blaine Cartwright passed right by me to get to the stage. I don't have any CDs of theirs and really, didn't even know anything about them so what was I to say? Anyhow, I could see the girls strapping on the guitars, I was ready for the show.

The first thing that hit me was the awesome stage presence of guitarist Ruyter Suys. She's bloody phenomenal! Wow. Throughout the whole show I mainly concentrated on her because well, she seemed to be the show. Suys would prance around, jump, dive, and do basically everything. Her faces! I have to tell you, I love a player that makes it fun by really getting into it. The look on intensity at one moment and then looks of horror, humour or plain old peeved off looks were great.

The new Pussy bassist Tracy Almazon is actually quite an attractive lady. She's wild and crazy, but nowhere near as outrageous as Corey Parks (from what I had heard). There was no fire breathing, no kisses, no nothing. She's just straight up in your face rock and roll. Almazon plays with just as much intensity as Suys. They are the perfect match. It was hard to take my eyes off of either in case I would miss something cool.

The Pussy singer Blaine Cartwright is one heck of an ugly S.O.B. He's pure genius though. While their music is pretty good, it's this amazing live show that carries the Pussy. Cartwright has a pretty cool voice but he was pretty muffled. He stopped the show a few times to yell and cuss at the terrible sound person (I suppose they didn't bring their own...Pyramid take notice!), whine about spending several hours with the border police, etc.

Being on the floor, and with the drum kit tucked away in the back, I am sad to say I never did see drummer Jeremy Thompson even once! Ugh!

Because I am not too familiar with their songs I won't go into them too much. They were heavy and contained so much energy it just slapped me in the face. I loved it. The Pu**y did a wicked cover of AC\DC's Kicked in the Teeth. I have never heard a band cover that song and they did it amazingly.

I was ready to go all night. Unfortunately Nashville Pussy wasn't. I suppose due to their hold up at the border, how peeved they were at the terrible sound person, and maybe other issues, they all looked mad. Aside from perhaps Almazon, they all looked like they were ready to kill anyone who looked at them funny. Needless to say, no encore dang it!

Pretty great live show though even without any encores. I will definitely go see them again next time they are in town!


  • tomauto

    I caught them back in 2000 at SXSW completely by accident and it was a fantastic show. They're nothing special musically, IMO. But man can they play live. Cartwright spit out his lyrics and really closely resembled some of sort of sleazy '70s porn star. Corey Parks was in the lineup and did her whole fire breathing routine and Ruyter Suys played a long solo rolling around on the floor while simutaneously wiggling out of her clothes down to her underwear. It was wild, I'd go see 'em again if I ever got the chance, even though I'm not too huge on their music.

    Dez 14 2006, 8h27
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