• OneRepublic Starts Working On Third Album

    Jan 6 2011, 17h22

    OneRepublic guitarist Zach Filkins told Alternative Addiction during a recent interview that the band has started working on their third album, their follow up to 2009’s hit album “Waking Up.”
    “The big thing that we are talking about now is a third album,” said Filkins during a phone interview from Italy. “We’ve been playing the songs on Waking Up for a while, and I think we are all beginning to feel like we are ready to have something new coming up.”
    Filkins explained that the band is finding musical inspiration from the sights and sounds of their current European tour, much of which the band will draw from for tracks on the third album.
    “It definitely sparks the creativity being on the road and seeing different places, hearing different music,” explained Filkins. “That always gets our creativity going. We are at the point now where all of us have these super nerdy mobile studios. So if anyone has any ideas they can just run off to their hotel room and lay something down.”
    As for the overall sound of the as-of-yet-untitled third album, Filkins says that fans can expect the band to refine their sound, much in the same way they did for Waking Up, following the release of their debut Dreaming Out Loud. The refined sound, according to Filkins, had a lot to do with the band avoiding the sophomore slump on their last record.
    “If we were to have tried to just re-create “Apologize” I don’t think it would have come off as genuine,” said Filkins of the band’s changing sound. “I think that a lot of the bands that are still out there are the ones that have constantly evolved and reinvented themselves every time they release a new album.”
    On the band’s third album, Filkins says fans should expect the band to continue their evolved sound. “Instead of trying to rip ourselves off on every album, we are still going to be us, we’re not going to [change to the point where we] lose all of our fans, but we are going to re-invent ourselves and improve our sound.”
    OneRepublic released their final single from Waking Up last month, the track “Good Life,” which is the follow up to the massively successful singles “All The Right Moves” and “Secrets.”
    Provided the song has similar success as the previous singles, the band expects to play one final tour in 2011 in support of Waking Up before turning their attention solely to writing their third album.
  • Promote this group, for all The Killers fans

    Jun 23 2010, 2h28

    The Killers play back all day on June 26 and especially up in the rankings this week at the lists of Last FM!.

    Lets do it guys!
    See you on 26th!!

    You can watch the semanal chart here:

    The Killers

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  • Ryan and His Wife Are Expecting A Baby!

    Mai 1 2010, 1h15

    Congratulations to all in the Tedder household! They're expecting a baby Tedder!…7690&ID=1776032

    If you go to exactly 1:50 and listen for about 10 seconds it says he is expecting 'a kid on August 8th'.

  • Performance at ESKA Music Awards, Poland

    Abr 9 2010, 15h59

    From Paris to Poland. On April 23rd OneRepublic will perform live at the polish ESKA Musci Awards . It will be their first visit in Poland. Eska Music Awards (EMA) is a major polish awards ceremony for national and international music launched in 2002 by Radio Eska. The ceremony is held in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Win a trip to see 1R live (Canada only)

    Abr 9 2010, 15h56

    Bootlegger offers canadian fans of OneRepublic a chance to simply see and meet the band live in concert at a secret location. If you want to join the All The Right Moves Contest, just fill out the form with your name, email and phone number. The contest closes on April 30th, 2010.
  • OneRepublic Tour 2010 in Europe

    Abr 9 2010, 15h47

    From the internet to the world. With their second album Waking Up OneRepublic will be back in Europe in spring 2010. See the band live!

    10.04. Waterford City, Ireland - The Forum Night Club
    12.04. Cork, Ireland - Savoy
    13.04. Dublin, Ireland - The Academy
    14.04. Belfast, UK - Limelight
    16.04. Glasgow, UK - O2 ABC
    17.04. Liverpool, UK - O2 Academy Liverpool
    19.04. Norwich, UK - Norwich Uea
    20.04. London, UK - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
    22.04. Paris, France - Le Nouveau Casino
    24.04. Bielefeld, Germany - Ringlokschuppen
    25.04. Hamburg, Germany - Uebel & Gefährlich
    26.04. Copenhagen, Denmark -Pumphuset
    28.04. Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
    29.04. München, Germany - Backstage Werk
    30.04. Milano, Italy- Magazzini Generali
    02.05. Erlangen, Germany - E-Werk
    03.05. Dresden, Germany - Beatpol
    04.05. Dortmund, Germany - FZW
    06.06. Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
    08.06. Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo
    11.06. Zurich, Switzerland- Volkshaus
    12.06. Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli
    14.06. Recklinghausen, Germany - Vest Arena
    15.06. Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg - Den Atelier
    Tickets will be available soon.
  • Won't Stop / No se detendrá (Onerepublic)

    Mar 10 2009, 17h41

    Ahora me quedé mirándote
    Desde el otro lado de la habitación
    Hasta que mis ojos se fueron desvaneciendo
    Estaba apurado
    Estaba sin suerte
    Ahora estoy tan feliz de haber esperado
    Bueno, estabas casi ahí
    Casi mia…si
    Dicen que el amor no es justo pero me está yendo bien…

    Porque juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu a quien he estado esperando
    Juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu quien que mi corazón palpita
    Y no se detendrá, no, no se detendrá

    Ahora estabas bien por la noche
    Pero cuando la luz de la mañana llega,
    cómoda como la lluvia en domingo
    y soy un alma afortunada que sostiene tu mano tan fuertemente
    espero que escuches esto algún día
    no te engañes, esta es mi verdad

    Porque juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu a quien he estado esperando
    Juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu quien que mi corazón palpita
    Y no se detendrá, no, no se detendrá

    Tomas esta mano, tomas este corazón
    Robas mis huesos a 1000 millas de distancia
    Se siente tan frío, como si fueran diez matices de invierno
    Y necesito el sol

    Porque juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu a quien he estado esperando
    Juro que eres tu, juro que eres tu
    Juro que eres tu quien que mi corazón palpita
    Y no se detendrá, no, no se detendrá
    OneRepublic Dreaming out LoudWon't Stop