• Would you find this Funny?

    Set 12 2010, 14h04

    I did :)
  • Languages I want to Learn:

    Set 6 2010, 15h49

    - Japanesse
    - Chinesse - Madarin
    - Portuguesse [BRAZIL]
    - Polish
    - Latin
    - Swedish
    - German
    - Brit. English
    - Korean
    - Italian

    I think thats about it. Help on choosing which one I'll learn first?
    Fact: I speak Spanish & English.
  • Hurracaine Earl

    Ago 30 2010, 21h39

    It was a normal school day...
    Ecxept with the winds,rains,palms movings,leaves flyin allover and the thunders.
    Oh and that gloomy feeling that you know something is about to happen...
    Yes, I go to a school thats so competitive that we need to go to school every day thats possible. And that if youdont get homework, like they told me in 1st assembly, you are not in this school...
    Back to Topic!
    School strted at 7:40
    NOOORMAL... Lalala
    Then 3rd period I was taking English with Yara Thunder hits really loud on the basketball course and BANG! Our windows broke...
    And I go to an all girls school... So that means pussy screaming... -.-''
    Well after that It was Lunch so people where crowding and crap like that...
    When I get to the cafeteria theres a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE line inside because none wanted to get wet outside... I'm like" thats the price you should pay..
    Hanging out with Kiana around the school... A thunder hits the 9th grade locker area and explodes a Calculator o.o Thats cool...
    Then Kiana gets scared and wants to protect her Gir backpack and we go to the Auditorium... Bell Rings...
    Religion... I take a crappy religion class and then I'm assinged to be Kiana's tutor cuz' she dosent know spanish so I have to freaking translate for the rest of the school year... UGH... teacher hands out papers
    1st -> 100% YaY!
    2nd -> 33% Awww :(
    Yeaaaah... Teacher trashtalks in spanish.... Yeahhhh....
    Bell rings.... PR History.
    Is a free period cuz we are assigned to leave YAY!!!
    Now I'm at home with no electricity and writing this I feel like crap and my hair is frizzy.... UGH...
    I cant do my homework and I'll get straigh zeros tommorrowss....
    I hate private schooll....
    So In total now that I think of it I had only 6 PERIODS
    today!!! YAY!! (DONT THINK WRONG)
    --IN ORDER--

    -Computer Science
    -PR History

    I'm so proud I did not took Algebra today yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kai Bye...