Last.FM Nightwish Awards 2011


Dez 27 2011, 22h03

Nominations for the Nightwish Shoutbox award nominations are closed. Thanks to everyone who nominated. Since Sugababes <3 was the only topic nominated for best copy and paste, it was moved into Best Random Thing Not Mentioned. I've made the polls, you all voted throughout the new year and January. Since it's February, I'd removed the links and the voting is closed. click here for the acepoll results.

Best Troll

Best Reviewer

Best Artist

Funniest Member

Most Inspiring Member

Most Missed Member

Best Angels Fall First Fan

Best Oceanborn Fan

Best Wishmaster Fan

Best Over the Hills and Far Away Fan

Best Century Child Fan

Best Once Fan

Best End of an Era Fan

Best Dark Passion Play Fan

Best Imaginaerum Fan

Best Critic

Best Tarja Fan

Best Anette Olzon fan

Best fan of both singers

Greatest Moment
The Birth of Marcelo Cabuli

Best Topic
Anette vs Tarja Picture Saga

Best Random thing I haven't mentioned
Jade Ewen retweeting Symphonic Death Pop Metalcore

Best Group
Jerkjones' Marcelo Cabuli Fan Club

Best Brazilian

Lifetime Achievement Award
Marcelo Cabuli


  • CGholy

    Glad you like it. I made it simple so I could avoid a scrap. :D

    Dez 27 2011, 22h12
  • CGholy

    I want this game.

    Dez 27 2011, 22h27
  • CGholy

    Added more nominations.

    Dez 27 2011, 23h35
  • nDroae

    yay this is like the awards we used to do on SimCity Central :D whoah how am I a reviewer I never review anything :o but yay

    Dez 28 2011, 1h57
  • jerkjones

    Матери чертовски КРАБ Николсон.

    Dez 28 2011, 9h37
  • jerkjones

    I almost forgot, I'd like to take this opportunity to nominate HORRHAYY for Best Tarja fan

    Dez 28 2011, 9h54
  • CGholy

    The look on his face when he sees it.

    Dez 28 2011, 11h02
  • nDroae

    He's got my vote.

    Dez 28 2011, 12h41
  • spikedylacid

    HORRHAYY for Best Tarja Fan easily. U should create like a poll vote on another site or summit :P

    Dez 28 2011, 13h38
  • CGholy

    Like the poll I did when I asked people what Album I should review next?

    Dez 28 2011, 14h30
  • Liadz

    Hey! I deserve at least a best Brazilian dude award!

    Dez 28 2011, 17h32
  • Liadz

    But she's not a dude :P

    Dez 28 2011, 17h54
  • Liadz

    Bros before hoes.

    Dez 28 2011, 19h05
  • spikedylacid

    @CGholy yes, or something similar

    Dez 28 2011, 19h47
  • Ssomeonee

    "Jade Ewen retweeting Symphonic Death Pop Metalcore" this...happened?

    Dez 28 2011, 20h14
  • Ssomeonee

    well I should be nominated for best oceanborn fan award.

    Dez 28 2011, 20h14
  • Liadz

    Lies! Some rules are just too sacred.

    Dez 29 2011, 7h43
  • Liadz

    lol Now I see that I have my award xD Thanks, Chloe ^^

    Dez 29 2011, 7h45
  • CGholy

    You're welcome. ;D

    Dez 29 2011, 10h37
  • KryonBune

    i was nomitaded *O* weeee

    Dez 29 2011, 18h31
  • ShortSonata

    I vote for myself for best critic.

    Dez 30 2011, 23h38
  • CGholy

    You'll do well.

    Dez 31 2011, 9h25
  • CGholy

    Once I get the polls ready, the voting can begin. 8D

    Jan 1 2012, 17h12
  • CGholy

    They wish they were him?

    Jan 1 2012, 21h59
  • CGholy

    You may now vote for the shoutbox winners. :D

    Jan 4 2012, 11h33
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