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Out 1 2011, 3h25

I had meant to write this a long time ago, but for some reason, I never did. So, here it is now.

Earlier this year, I made a separate Last.fm profile page called Beautiful_hope. You can get the whole scoop if you read the "About Me" section, but here, let me just give you a little summary. Through a Twitter post by my favorite artist, Natalie Grant, I was introduced to a radio program hosted by the president of Mercy Ministries. As I've explained in another journal, this is a ministry that works to bring hope in Christ to girls who struggle with issues such as cutting, drug addictions, eating disorders, etc. To put this whole story in a nutshell, I was inspired to do something through the amazing power of music, one of my greatest loves in life. So I made that page. No, it's not another "me"; it's an outreach. You can check out some of the music I selected and comment on this entry if you want to suggest some songs that are not already featured. And yes, beautiful_hope does have a link back to my personal profile.

:: "What's in a name?" ::

I actually chose the name "beautiful_hope" because quite honestly, my main focus at the time was the issue of image. But as I started building that library, it became a much bigger scope.

So here's my problem now: I really want to confront, all by itself, this whole issue of image, outer beauty vs. inner beauty, eating disorders ...

I can't exactly pinpoint the main reason I want to do this through such a medium as Last.fm. I know, this whole thing just sounds crazy. But actually, in case you didn't know, there are several Christian artists, really good ones, maybe even some of your favorites, who have been in these chains, live by God's amazing grace to tell about it, and somehow by the grace of God along with some huge amount of strong courage, talk about it candidly. And then they proclaim the message that if God broke the chains for them, He can do it for ANYONE!! And that's what I want to do: proclaim a message that "God cares about your heart more than how the outside looks!"

So, I could go make a whole new profile, again? Or maybe a group? Do you have any ideas? Comment away pleeeeeeeeease!!

And remember, you're beautiful! God says so! And on that note, go ahead and smile!!!! :)


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