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De Sábado 26 de novembro de 2011 a Sábado 26 de maio de 2012 Todo o tempo

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Existence of eloquence is only in a look of people's face that remain silence, and… 4:49 1
Anger kills all the idiots, and envy would torture foolish people and all the… 3:11 1
We promise with a view to hope, but the reason to accomplish what we promised would… 5:46 1
A reality that people are living in this world is a lot more complicated than… 2:05 1
It must be called Intelligence if people stop when they realize they are not able to… 2:53 1
Anxiety is not about the issue. It is actually about people's mind related to the… 3:47 1
Avarice would speak with every word, it acts every part and it even pretends to be… 4:58 1
A thought would never let people watch what they choose. Instead, it let them see… 5:00 1
A real imitation is the imitation that let people see ridiculousness of boring… 6:07 1
It is supposed to be ordinary that imagination moves much faster and more freely… 5:56 1