Presents: Elizaveta


Mar 21 2012, 19h12

Elizaveta‘s travels have come around full-circle. Her parents were Russian interpreters for the U.N., so she was born in New York City. Shortly after she was born, she moved back to Moscow. Years later while spending time in Italy, with her mom’s blessing, she came back to the United States. At U.S.C. she double majored in Music Compostion and Opera Performance. Her musical heroes include Nina Simone, The Police, Elton John and Bjork. With that being said, the mixture of those artists can give you a good idea where her music is coming from.

Produced by Greg Wells, her debut album Beatrix Runs is out now. In today’s session we get an exclusive performance that captures five songs from the album. Joining Elizaveta on bass is Tony Micelli who had previously done a session in our old studio with Lelia Broussard on 3/22/11.

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