Arch Enemy


Mar 14 2008, 4h12

Somehow I got turned on to Arch Enemy last night. Bought Rise of the Tyrant and have been loving it longtime.

I was a big fan of the later, 'sellout' Carcass albums and Emotional Flatline might be my favorite metal song ever. Blackstar was a little weaker for some reason even though the concept seemed good, but AE is a great move for the Carcass alums. Spectacularly technical, and I don't mind the melody one bit.

Angela Gossow is truly incredible. Not only are her actual performances impressive but I've got a lot of respect for how she approaches her craft after reading around on her website.

Arch Enemy
Rise of the Tyrant
Emotional Flatline


  • BruceRL

    Great suggestion. God, it's awesome.

    Mai 12 2008, 4h47
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