How did you come up with that screen name?


Jun 9 2010, 0h28

Simply from this movie called .. The Long Long Trailer.. a movie that Desi and Lucy made during the summer off from taping the I Love Lucy show.. For those of you who don't know .. Lucille Ball could sing and this is her really singing. A few years ago I was in the same area that most of the film was shot.. and still very much like it is today in Northern California. This film is very light hearted and enjoyable to watch as you don't see these type of cars around pulling those type of trailers.. The scenery also delightful a perfect summer movie.


  • markalvin

    I wanted a screen name djcoolmark ('cause I am a cool dj yo!) but already taken then I tried djmarkcool also taken so I decided to go with markalvin. Alvin is from Alvin & the chipmunks which is one of my favorite cartoons. Mark is my real name. Bawam! I got a screen name.

    Jun 9 2010, 4h35
  • Stretchead

    I took my name from a "Derek & Clive" sketch but thought it looked better with just one h. (Derek & Clive were Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

    Jun 18 2010, 9h25
  • johnny7gun

    My name is John.As a child i had a fascination with a toy gun called a johnny7gun...that i never got!!! so when looking for a name,i remembered the name of the toy.

    Jul 27 2010, 2h01
  • cadaver11

    I got it from a country song.

    Mar 19 2011, 9h01
  • ParadiseCove

    I was actually bathing in the bath tub with my rubber ducky collection...and drinking my favorite juicey and it just dawned on ME ! ParadiseCove...that's the ticket...YEAH ! ;D

    Set 21 2011, 22h52
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