Oh Dear, A Shuffle Game


Ago 9 2007, 6h14

Stolen from Beliyal, which continues the long history of stealth. Boredom can do strange things to you.

It's a question, song answer, funny comment game. We've all seen them before, but hey, I'm bored and I have a ton of music on my portable hard drive.

Here's hoping this isn't all Nightwish.

1. What will you think when you give birth to your first child?
Leaves' Eyes - Misseri (Turn Green Meadows into Grey)
Well, at least it's fairly positive... Sort of. Not really. More like it could be taken as I'm lonely and I want to abandon my child and fly to some lover in another place.

2. What will be on top of your list of wishes to Santa Claus this year?
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Santa, I wish to become a Wishmaster! I wish to be able to cast spells and talk to elves and enter storyteller's minds! Or maybe I just want to achieve my destiny of great haystacks...

3. What will be tomorrow's news headline?
Beautiful Sin - I'm Real
It was discovered yesterday in a research facility that humans are real. They are confirmed to exist in this dimension. It was not determined, however, if everyone originally came from said dimension.
(That or someone will discover that they can keep going after a tragedy occurred in their life, but I don't think I could easily make that amusing)

4. Why would your neighbour want to sell you on ebay?
Nightwish - End of All Hope
Because let's face it, there's no one more screwed up than myself. In fact, he found me to be so weird that he decided it was either sell me on E-bay or sell his soul to the devil. He chose the former; it was easier.

5. What will your best friend say at your funeral?
Lacuna Coil - Closer
"Brittany was always searching for something. Even when things got rough and we tried to convince her that there was nothing there, she just kept looking for it. We have a feeling she was looking for her phone to call someone, but decided that perhaps it was best if we just let her be."

6. You just won 1 million [enter your currency here] in the lottery. What will you buy?
Nightwish - Gethsemane
I will apparently donate all of my money to charity to begin a life of sacrifice and devotion to religion in a convent. Or maybe I will buy a convent, start my own from scratch and everything. Even though I'm an atheist.

7. If you could travel though time, where would you end up?
Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete
I will end up in the ocean, when it has first come to exist, and I will observe as life begins and ends in it. That, or I will be watching Walt Whitman write "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking", since it and this song seem to share a similar theme at times...

8. You just stepped into dogshit...your first thought?
Within Temptation - Jillian (I'd Give my Heart)
"Ugh, this is my one great mistake! Now I'm never going to see my love again since I will smell like dog crap!" *sobs*
Basically, I'll be melodramatic.

9. Where will you spend your next vacation?
Nightwish - Dead Gardens
I'll apparently be spending it in some country, trying desperately to get my muse up, then realizing I'm one step too late and there's nothing to write about that isn't already told or even worth it. That or I'll be reflecting on what a pointless life I had. And I shall be sad. Basically, it sounds like the vacation from hell. What fun!

10. Why is water wet?
Lacuna Coil - To the Edge
So apparently water is wet because life sucks and that's just the way it is. We didn't necessarily say that water being wet is a bad thing, of course not, but it's wet anyway and there's no point thinking about it.

11. What is your first thought after having sex?
Nightwish - Lappi IV
I apparently think "Ooooooh, Ooooooh, Ooooooh..." Which is just... Uh... Never mind, let's not go there. Especially since Tarja sounds pretty tired of going "Ooooooh" at the end of the song.

12. What is the strangest place to drink a beer?
Nightwish - The Carpenter
Yeah, I have to agree, the strangest place to drink a beer would be in the woods while thinking about Jesus being crucified. That's just not the type of stuff you normally think about when getting drunk. "Jesus died for my sins... Hmmmm. *chugs beer*" And that was bad humor, so I think I'll move on...

13. What is the secret of world domination?
Värttinä - Lieto
Yes! The secret to world domination is nothing more than folk music instrumentals! You just play the music, and when everyone is entranced or sleeping, you take over. I knew it!

14. How do you call your pet?
Lacuna Coil - In Visible Light
Clearly I will call him all pissed off for controlling my life and abusing me. After all, damn that stupid dog for wanting to go outside or have me take him for a walk. Doesn't he know I have better things to do, like browse Last.fm for shuffle games? I mean, really.

15. How would you feel dating an alien?
Within Temptation - Stand my Ground
I guess I would feel trapped, but I would stand my ground. I'd voice my opinion. I'd let him know that, no matter how much smarter his species may be, I would not let him kidnap me and take him back to his home world and be in a zoo.

16. Your hair is on fire. What do you scream?
Rosario Dawson Adam Pascal - I Should Tell You
"I should really tell you that my hair is on fire! Forget talking about AIDs and love; shouldn't we worry about my hair first?"
And I had been wondering where the Rent soundtrack was. It's just not my playlist without Rent.

17. Did you ever feel not being normal?
Nightwish - Nemo
Why yes I do. In fact, I often feel nameless and forgotten, and wish that I could just figure out who I was. It's a very tragic existence sometimes, but I figure I'll sail home eventually.

18. What do you think about last.fm?
Nightwish - The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
I of course think that it is a demon waging a war upon and ultimately destroying my beliefs. It's quite the mythological battle, too. How, I don't know, but that is of course what I think.

19. You discover your mother in Playboy magazine... What's your reaction?
Within Temptation - Angels
Mother! I always looked up to you as a role model and thought you to be perfect, and then... This! Augh, it is pure betrayal! I'm going to send angels to your house to destroy you now.

20. What's the thing you miss the most right now?
Nightwish - Ocean Soul
I miss... Emotions. Feeling. Being a normal human. For all I wanted was happiness. *emo!tear*

21. How would you try to kill the Highlander?
Värttinä - Äijö
I would bring him to the insane old man of the village with the crazy laugh. Surely he would mistake him for the snake that bit him and chop his head off. Naturally.

22. Why did the fish cross the road?
Within Temptation - It's the Fear
Because let's face it, he's really damned scared of being stuck on land, and there's a lake on the other side. So before he goes insane and lets out his rage-fear on the nearest unfortunate, he races to the lake. And then goes insane there instead. Oh well, he tried.

23. What's going on in your pants?
Leaves' Eyes - Twilight Sun
Apparently someone is being called to come back home. Um... Let's not go there.

24. If you were a god, what would be your field of operation?
Leaves' Eyes - Farewell Proud Men
I would be the god that would make sure that all people who went off on journeys would live and return safely. Man, what a boring job.

25. What would you do with a nuclear bomb?
Nightwish - Dead Boy's Poem
I would give it to a boy who feels he has done nothing worthy in his life and is writing his last words to everyone he loved. Talk about an awful song to be paired with this question.

26. You order a pizza...what's on it?
Lacuna Coil - What I See
Um... I guess my mind is on the pizza? Or perhaps some obsession that I'm trying to escape from? In any case it's definitely something that doesn't belong on a pizza and makes me concerned about that pizza parlor.

27. What would you do with a drunken sailor?
Within Temptation - Memories
I wouldn't do anything with him. I'd be too busy sighing sadly and whining about the sad memories he invoked when I saw him. Though, what memories a drunken sailor could produce I have no idea...

28. What's your life philosophy?
Nightwish - Angels Fall First
My philosophy is that the good people suffer and die first. Now if it were a little less flat out pessimistic, it may be accurate.

29. What do you do with a rubber duck?
Beautiful Sin - Give Up Once For All
I'd rant about the United States of America and how we have to give up all of our illusions, of course! What else are you going to do with a rubber duck, after all?

30.Who is trying to kill you?
Lacuna Coil - Our Truth
And it appears that the thing that is killing me is... Wasting time and life. Darn. That was anti-climatic.

And that was way longer than I thought. Apologies that the humor dies in the end; I'm tired. In any case, Nightwish took up a little less than half of the questions. Rent, meanwhile, needs to catch up, seeing as it only appeared once.

Al fin.


  • Max_aka_NOBODY

    Stumbled upon this entry from the Leaves' Eyes page. Gave me quite a laugh - nice job and good music taste.

    Ago 15 2007, 16h15
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