Best gig's seen in 2008


Dez 19 2008, 16h37

So here we go for a little top of what 2008 brought me :

1) Absolutly without a doubt ... all time number one
Tom Waits seen in Paris with his "Glitter and Doom" tour !
Best gig I've ever seen ... he was simply outstanding ... no other words to spill here ...

2) Pat Metheny Trio ... @ Gent Jazz ... the previous time I was on the, then called blue note festival, it was the best concert i've ever seen ... it was from Van Morrison. Now ... this year Tom Waitsdefeated him but the festival was again a great one. Pat Metheny played for more than an hour bis-tracks ... that's says enough ...

3) Sigur Ros
These were in my list last year too ... then with the acoustic gig for their heima movie ... now with a gig in Vorst Nationaal ... much better then I expected them ... very moving gig!

4) Herbie Hancock ... another one from the Gent Jazz festival
Really great apperance of Mr Hancock

5)Fleet Foxes ... @ AB
The Hype of the year did well in the AB ...

6) Mick Hart @ private gig
Mick Hart did support acts for Bob Dylan, ColdplayVan MorrisonSting and many other great guys ...
seeing him in a small place for only 25 people was amazing!

7) Willard Grant Conspiracy (duo) also a private gig ...
Robert Fisher is just great !

8) Kommil Foo - Wolf
Kommil Foo makes us laugh and cry at the same time again ...
one of their best shows ever (to my opinion)

9) Whip
private gig ... Jason in a livingroom ... no words needed ;)

10) Groove Thing ft James Muller
A Jef Neve gig where he played Hammond ... with an australian guitarist ... it was an overwhelming gig in the jazz-bar !

Other great gigs wh could complete the top 15 or something ...

- Curtis Eller This is really terrible that he couldn't fit in my top 10 list ... it was an honour to see new yorks angriest yodelling banjo player !
and that for only 30 amazed people !!
Next time you come over i'll be there again curtis !

- ölof arnalds ... Great artist seen in the park ... her cd is great too !
something like Alela Diane in icelandic

- Daniel Johnston ... this man needs no intorduction and tou know what you can expect live :)

- John Dear Mowing Club support band and act for daniel johnston ... there from Holland but there quite convincing live (not that much on cd (sorry guys) )

- Alela Diane, Phosphorescent and Mariee Sioux al together on one evening ... that makes a great evening out !!

That's it i guess ... there were some other gigs who where nice too and some who were less ... but most are in my events list so you can still check it all out ;)

Thanks for reading (probably nobody will ever get here so anyway ;) )
PS: I just found out my English is really getting bad ... it wasn't ... but it's like a really BIG stone on the top of the hill who starts rolling and doesn't ever stop rolling until it falls in the sea ... I'm nearly by the sea ... that sounds like hell goddamn

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  • Karlientjeuh

    I have yet to witness Kommil Foo live, but I've heard from so many people that they're really as good as expected :] andd I'm a lot more jealous of you having seen Herbie Hancock, I should check out his touring a lot more :\ ~

    Mar 23 2009, 17h22
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