• Super-eclectic

    Mar 5 2008, 2h37

    Take your top 50 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 20 similar artists (where the artist itself is the #1 most similar). The resulting number of unique artists is your super-eclectic score. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/supereclectic.php

    My super-eclectic score is currently


    The most similar artists for my profile are Black Flag (9), The Rolling Stones (9), Descendents (9), Dead Kennedys (8), Bob Dylan (7), Minor Threat (7), NOFX (7), Bad Brains (7), Circle Jerks (6), Creedence Clearwater Revival (6)
  • 50 Steps from "The Beatles"

    Mai 15 2007, 22h09

    The point is to start at your #1 overall top artist, don't include in the list, and then follow the similar artists steps to find out where you went 50 steps down the line. You were to use the 1st similar artist unless it was already on your list, if it was you used the second, if that was the third....you get the point...no repetition or you'd just go in circles.

    Top Artist: The Beatles

    1. Bob Dylan
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. Led Zeppelin
    4. Pink Floyd
    5. The Doors
    6. Jimi Hendrix
    7. The Who
    8. David Bowie
    9. Radiohead
    10. Beck
    11. The Flaming Lips
    12. The Arcade Fire
    13. Sufjan Stevens
    14. The Decemberists
    15. The Shins
    16. Death Cab for Cutie
    17. The Postal Service
    18. Bright Eyes
    19. Elliott Smith
    20. Iron & Wine
    21. Neutral Milk Hotel
    22. of Montreal
    23. Architecture in Helsinki
    24. Broken Social Scene
    25. Wolf Parade
    26. Animal Collective
    27. Deerhoof
    28. The Fiery Furnaces
    29. The New Pornographers
    30. Spoon
    31. Wilco
    32. Belle an Sebastian
    33. The Smiths
    34. Morissey
    35. The Cure
    36. Joy Division
    37. New Order
    38. Depeche Mode
    39. Placebo
    40. Muse
    41. The Killers
    42. Franz Ferdinand
    43. The Strokes
    44. Arctic Monkeys
    45. Bloc Party
    46. Interpol
    47. Modest Mouse
    48. Weezer
    49. Green Day
    50. blink-182

    Okay that was a strange little trip. I thought I'd just stay in the tag for the whole while, but then Radiohead pops up and sends me on this journey, then into a stint before finally ending up on blink-182, how very strange. There's some validation for blink-182 fans, they are only 50 steps from the Beatles :)
  • Concert Review: Grant Geissman with the DVC Night Jazz Band and Jazz Ensemble

    Mai 15 2007, 6h51

    Wed 9 May – DVC Night Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble w/ special guest Guitarist Grant Geissman

    I attended the concert on May 9th, 2007 at 8 PM at the DVC Performing Arts Center. The DVC Jazz Ensemble and DVC Night Jazz Band were performing with special guest artist, Grant Geissman. The music consisted of a variety of jazz styles including swing, straight ahead, Latin, soul and blues. Both groups were forms of big bands with a woodwind section, trumpet section, trombone section and a rhythm section of piano, guitar, bass and drums. Grant Geissman performed with the bands on a few songs, playing guitar and adding vocals.

    The DVC Jazz Ensemble had a pretty good performance with many high points and a few mediocre points. The songs choices were a good variety and were performed well and were quite entertaining. I really enjoyed the bass solo by Scott Colberg during Booke Ends, though the rest of the band seemed like it was not completely warmed up yet and they all seemed very stiff. The band remained pretty stiff until Geissman finally came out to perform, where they seemed to loosen up and enjoy themselves more. Kevin Grant and his bass trombone were entertaining throughout the shows, especially when he got to solo. Say That was a very good piece by Geissman and really showed off his guitar ability. The actual music backing for [track artist=Ray Charles]I’ve Got News For You was enjoyable, but Geissman’s vocals were lacking and he is a much better guitarist then vocalist. The Samba del Gringo was a very good closing piece, with fantastic conga playing by Chris Carrasco. Though the song seemed to go on too long and the band seemed to get bored with and sounded sloppy, but that could’ve just been my imagination.

    I was very much surprised in the difference between the Ensemble and the Night Jazz Band, not only in performers, but style of playing and how comfortable the Night Jazz Band seemed in comparison to the Ensemble. I was also really surprised to see Jeff Thompson and Amber McCurry make reappearances in the Night Jazz Band, but their talent with their instruments fit the rest of the band. The opening song was great, really swinging, lots of energy, a lot of which came from T Moran, who was probably my favorite instrumentalist of the night. He really kept everything going on the drums. The second song, Cape Breton, was my least favorite of the night. It seemed too long and drawn out and Rolf Johnson’s flugelhorn playing was only decent and got tiring after awhile. I loved the section solos of Count Bubba’s Revenge, especially when the trombones got to solo and there was more bass trombone sounds in it. Geissman’s guitar playing felt more appropriate with this band then with the ensemble, as they seemed to mesh more on style. The extra long version of the Two and a Half Men theme was interesting to listen to, but not all that entertaining. It felt too much like a loose jam session, something I’m not personally a fan of. I enjoyed seeing the stripped down nature of “Dig Some Sides” with just the rhythm section, Geissman and Rory Snyder on the alto saxophone. It felt more intimate then the rest of the night and the solos of both artists were phenomenal. The final sound was a very good closure for the concert and a much better ending for the Night Jazz Band then what the Ensemble got with their samba.

    Overall the concert was very enjoyable. I’d attend another one by the Night Jazz Band for sure and it would be a plus if it were the Ensemble, but I don’t know if I’d like to see them alone again. It was definitely a nice experience to see jazz music played live for the first time, making my appreciation of it a little bit higher.
  • How eclectic is the musical preference of BrainToad?

    Mai 15 2007, 5h14

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    The 80 related artists for my profile are
    * 7SECONDS
    * Anti-Flag
    * Arlo Guthrie
    * Bad Brains (3)
    * Bane
    * Beck
    * Big Black
    * Billy Bragg
    * Black Flag (3)
    * Blood or Whiskey
    * Bob Dylan (3)
    * Cat Power
    * Champion
    * Circle Jerks
    * David Bowie
    * Dead Kennedys (2)
    * Death Cab for Cutie
    * Defiance, Ohio (2)
    * Descendents
    * Dropkick Murphys
    * Elliott Smith
    * Fairport Convention
    * Flogging Molly
    * Foo Fighters
    * Fugazi
    * George Jones
    * Ghost Mice
    * Gorilla Biscuits (3)
    * Have Heart
    * Horslips
    * Hot Water Music
    * Hüsker Dü
    * Iron & Wine
    * Jethro Tull
    * Joan Baez
    * Kids Like Us
    * Led Zeppelin (2)
    * Lynyrd Skynyrd
    * Merle Haggard
    * Millencolin
    * Minor Threat (3)
    * Misfits (2)
    * Mission of Burma
    * NOFX
    * Nirvana (2)
    * Pennywise
    * Pete Seeger
    * Pink Floyd
    * Radiohead
    * Ramones
    * Rancid
    * Red Hot Chili Peppers
    * Rosa
    * Sex Pistols
    * Spoonboy
    * Steeleye Span
    * Street Dogs
    * Strike Anywhere
    * Sufjan Stevens (2)
    * Swingin' Utters
    * The Beatles (2)
    * The Bouncing Souls
    * The Carter Family
    * The Clash (2)
    * The Decemberists
    * The Lawrence Arms
    * The Offspring
    * The Replacements
    * The Rolling Stones (3)
    * The Shins
    * The Who
    * This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb
    * Wilco
    * Willie Nelson
    * Wire
    * Wolfstone
    * Woody Guthrie
    * Yo La Tengo
    * Youth of Today
    * blink-182
  • Top Artists 03-26-07 to 04-01-07

    Abr 4 2007, 5h35

    Unique Artists: 26
    Total Tracks: 148
    Total Plays: 150

    This week was full of stuff I listened to because I wanted to rate it over on RateYourMusic.

    1 Bad Religion 22
    I think this was two Bad Religion albums, not really sure though. I just remember thinking how similar a lot of their songs sound to me. I don't remember them always being so identical.

    2 Levellers 15
    Been awhile since I've listened to these guys. Decent band, nothing to write home about, but a very nice mix of celtic folk and punk.

    1 Hayseed Dixie 15
    More Hayseed Dixie. This band is really addicting and I had one more album of theirs to listen to and rate. I liked their all AC/DC albums more then ones where they throw in extra stuff. But thankfully this one was all covers and there was none of their own songs.

    4 Satanic Surfers 13
    Another random one. I haven't listened to this type of stuff in awhile and I was really entertained by it. Goes to show I haven't completely lost my taste for punk music.

    5 Deathmøle 12
    Not exactly sure why I decided to listen to this fictional band from the Questionable Content[/qurl] universe, but I did. I listened to the entirety of Moletopopolis and enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope more of their stuff is release by the wonderful Jeph Jacques and whole album is made from it, I'd buy it.

    5 Smoke or Fire 12
    I forgot how good these guys were. Very enjoyable music to listen to at any type of day.

    7 The Arcade Fire 10
    I downloaded the new album for shits and giggles, plus it's the most highly downloaded album on Oink and I needed something to boost my ratio. I didn't really plan on listening to an enjoying the album, but guess what, I did anyway.

    7 Jeph Jacques 10
    Since I already listened to Deathmole, it'd only be right to listen to the music this man put out under his own name. I don't know which I like more. I like the metal/indie feel of Deathmole, but I like the randomness of all the different stuff Jeph likes to try out under his own name.

    7 Phil Ochs 10
    Listened to the album Rehearsals For Retirement and was very disappointed. It didn't sound like Phil at all, and it was quite bland and boring. Very genetic "folk" record.

    10 King Kurt 9
    I tried listening to this and had to turn it off. British people are horrible at making psychobilly. They just suck.
  • Top Artists 03-18-07 to 03-25-07

    Mar 28 2007, 3h33

    Unique Artists: 11
    Total Tracks: 114
    Total Plays: 115

    This week's chart sure paints an interesting picture of me. Lots of music that screams redneck.

    1 Hayseed Dixie 13
    I don't care what anyone says Hayseed Dixie is just a fun band. I mean, c'mon, what's so bad about bluegrass covers of AC/DC and other rock bands songs? I think it's all a really interesting take on it all and really fun to listen to. Though the stuff they write themselves is pretty much shit and should stick to covering AC/DC and Van Halen

    2 Lynyrd Skynyrd 14
    I wanted to listen to Free Bird really badly, so I did. But my version of it that I downloaded when I downloaded their greatest hits was all scratchy and jumpy, so I borrowed by dad's copy and reripped the CD and thought "what the helll?" and listened to the whole thing. Some of it's great, of course it is, it's the Greatest Hits of a great band. But some of the songs are a bit boring.

    3 Creedence Clearwater Revival 13
    I dunno why only 13 CCR songs showed up, I swear I listened to more from the Chronicle. Maybe they ended up on the other side of the cutoff, I dunno. But I enjoyed listening to them very loudly while singing along.

    4 Holly Williams 12
    Not sure why I put her on. She is the grandaughter of Hank Williams, daughter of Hank Williams Jr. and half-sister of Hank Williams III but sounds nothing like any of them. Funny how a family of musicians can all sound so different. She sings more in a pop than a country style, though there is some country elements in there. I found her kind of enjoyable, but nothing near her family members. Also Hank Jr sucks at naming kids, Holly, Hilary and Shelton Hank, honestly, what crap names.

    4 Pat Boone 12
    Yes. Pat Boone. And not only Pat Boone, but Pat Boone's metal album! In a Metal Mood. I had some morbid curiosity on what it would sound like after seeing in a film about early rock and how he stole songs from artists like Little Richard and Fats Domino. Some of the covers are very odd, some very good (like Crazy Train), and some awful. Not something I'd listen to again though.

    6 Jerry Lee Lewis 11
    Because of my study of early rock in my Jazz and Rock class, I decided I wanted to listen to some Jerry Lee, unfortunately the only Jerry Lee I have on my computer is Last Man Standing, well not unfortunately, just not a good way to satisfy my want for early rock. Still really enjoy this album and his reworking of many songs with the help of other folks. Though when Mick Jagger or Keith Richards join him, the quality of the song just shoots to shit.

    6 Carl Perkins 11
    This satisfied my craving for early rock a lot better. Poor Perkins got shunned to side way too early because of his good friend Elvis Presley. I wish his name was a in a few more mouths when talking about early rock then it is currently. He deserves some more recognition.

    8 Johnny Otis 10
    A Vallejo native blues artist. I was thinking of reviewing one of his albums for my Jazz and Rock class, but I couldn't really bring myself to it and chose an easier album (Revolver). Overall he is a fantastic artist though, and I'm proud to have him be from Vallejo. Interesting to see a famous Vallejo blues artist who is white, quite an oddity.

    9 Two Gallants 9
    I hadn't listened to this guys in awhile, so I listened to a few songs. I still love their music, but I have to be in a special kind of mood to be able to listen to their albums, which are quite long. I wasn't in that mood last week only ended up listening to 9 songs.

    10 Johnny Cash 6
    Random Johnny Cash songs spread throughout the week are always fun.

    11 The Beatles 1
    Kind of random how one Beatles song just kind of popped up in here.
  • Top Artists 02-19-07 to 02-25-07

    Fev 26 2007, 2h05

    Unique Artists: 44
    Total Tracks: 115
    Total Plays: 115

    1 Mitch Hedberg 19
    The 24th was Mitch's birthday, so I thought it'd be a fitting tribute to listen to one of his albums. It's been awhile since I have listened to him, but I still think he is one of the greatest comedians ever to get up on stage. Only person that I'd ever think of ranking higher is, of course, George Carlin.

    2 Hank Williams III 13
    I've been on a country kick lately and wanted to hear a bit of Hank 3 while I was at it. Specifically I wanted to hear the song Dick in Dixie from his latest album. He is the perfect example of what country should be in the modern era. He is how country should've evolved if Trashville wasn't so scared of change.

    3 Three Hanks 9
    I'm not exactly sure why I decided to listen to this album. It is way too heavy on Hank Williams Jr which isn't surprising because I think it was his idea. Hank 3 really doesn't sound comfortable on this album, and that's not surprising. Jr tries to say he wants to distance himself from Hank Williams and his legacy, wanting to make it on his own, but yet he goes in and makes this album as well as another using the ghostly voice of his father. I doubt you'll see 3 using Jr's soundclips when he passes away, unless of course he is poking fun at him.

    4 Dead Kennedys 8
    I've been neglecting DK lately and I've felt kind of bad about it. I recently switched from Winamp (which I have been using for years, since 2 was brand new) to foobar2000 and used In God We Trust Inc. to test out everything. I still love them and this EP, but would rather listen to it on vinyl then mp3.

    4 MC Chris 8
    I had a hankering for hip-hop but didn't want to go gangsta, so I went my other favorite hip hop sub-genre, and what better artists to soothe that craving then mc chris. His voice is kind of grating to me nowadays, but I still enjoy his music. Fett's Vette is a great nerdy song

    6 Robert Johnson 7
    I remember my professor talking about him while we were covering Blues in my history of jazz and rock class and wanted to listen to him. You can hear the influence he has and pure form of the blues he plays. but honestly I wouldn't want to listen to a 40 track album of him. A lot of his songs are too similar and too repeatative to really enjoy listening to him for long stretches.

    7 The Shins 6
    I heard some people on a forum I visit praising their latest album, so I went and downloaded it and listened to it. I was enjoying it, but not enough that it wasn't hard to turn off when I felt like doing something else that required the use of my soundcard. That's usually a sign that it isn't very captivating for me, I really do prefer listening to an album all the way through, but I don't like to force myself to listen to anything.

    8 Jimmy Smith 4
    Another holdover from my Jazz and Rock class. His album Damn! was the CD of the week for one week and I really liked his version of Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, so I decided I'd download it and listen. But I never finished listening to it because after awhile I was bored and not in the mood for jazz.

    9 Benny Goodman 3
    Yet another from Jazz and Rock, but moreso me wanting to listen to swing. I love swing music and I love the movie Swing Kids, so I decided to listen to the swing tracks from that movie, which there is 3 tracks from Benny Goodman on it. I still prefer Glenn Miller though

    9 The Polyphonic Spree 3
    I was doing some music organizing this week and when I came across my two Polyphonic Spree albums I got the desire to listen to them, but waited until after I was finished. I had some problems with the files so didn't get to listen to them that day. But when I went to watch Scrubs that night, it ended up being the episode they guest starred on, very freaky. I eventually fixed my problems with the files (somewhat) and listened. But something came up and I stopped. They are so fucking happy though, it's kind of scary.
  • What's with me and stereotyped/misdefined genres?

    Fev 24 2007, 9h27

    I always seem to end up listening to genres of music that have been mindlessly stereotyped and misdefined by the general public, the media, and especially MTV. Is this some attribute of me, a strange coincidence, or showing how much of a genre nazi I am?

    I love country music. That doesn't make me white trash or a hick, I may fall into the redneck category but it's not because of country music. Country music, as I outlined in a past blog entry has been ruined and made a horrible copy of what it used to be, so when I explain to people I like country music, I get thrown into this category and get stupid jokes about hicks and other shit.

    I like emo. Oh god, what a can of worms this is if I ever even bother telling people I like emo. Sometimes I feel brave and I say it. Sometimes I'll use emotional hardcore and that gives me an opportunity to give a mini-lecture. But 90% of the time I just hide my love of this genre because of MTV and the media's love of putting a bunch of pop bands into the emo category.

    Punk used to be a big problem in the past few years, especially when I was really into it and it also happened to be the time it was at it's biggest misconception. It's become less of a problem for me now as I don't like the music as much, but it still offers yet another example.

    One other one is one of the oldest poorly defined genres ever, and that's folk. I love the folk from the 60s like Phil Ochs, but instead when I say folk people think of the soft-rock/folk artists of the 70s, and that still holds to today.

    It's kind of troubling for me as a music fan to be afraid of sharing the type of music I like with the general public out of fear of having to deal with having to explain the differences, the real definitions and try to change people's minds.
  • When did country become so safe?

    Fev 20 2007, 23h41

    I've probably said it a million times to people after telling them I like country having to explain there is more than the crap that is on the radio now. Hell, I'd barely consider any of the stuff played on the current country radio stations country and more pop with a twang and a guitar.

    What really bugs me is what inspired this blog. Was watching TV and a commercial for the Dixie Chicks documentary/concert video thing came up and was talking about all the controversy they had stired for their anti-Bush remarks. And it really struck me as stupid call this controversy.

    When did country become blind patriotism and acceptance of all the norms and everything the man says. Country musicians have always been patriotic but they have never been as blind and dumb as they seem to be right now.

    And the simple fact that these people have the audacity to still call themselves rebels when they fall in line with the current trends of Trashville and will bow down to the American flag at any chance they get spits on the traditions established by the real country rebels. Respect for your country and its flag is one thing, but blind obedience and racism has no place in country music.

    Another thing that comes up is the amount of animosity people have towards the song Nigger Fucker labeling him as a racist when the song is obvious satire but very few speak out against the ignorance and racism of This Ain't No Rag. As much respect and love I have for Charlie Daniels, this crap of a song really puts a big black mark over him for me, especially his pseudo-racist patriotic essays he continues to put out today. He has become a bitter old man trapped in the patriotism of a post-9/11 America.

    Maybe I'm reading too much into all this or maybe I'm just playing ignorant to the country stars of the past and putting Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and even Waylon Jennings too high up on pedestals to accurately judge them
  • Weekly Top Artists: 09-10 to 09-17

    Set 18 2006, 1h01

    Unique Artists: 5
    Total Tracks: 55
    Total Plays: 55

    Another slow week due to school. I like the counts though. 5 is good.

    1 Ramones 35
    2nd week in a row they've been at the top. Still just listening to them because they are addicting and wanting to hear all their albums.

    2 Body Count 12
    New album was released and I had to hear it. A bit different then previous albums, still good but not as good as they were in the 90s.

    3 Cold War Kids 6
    These guys toured with Two Gallants who I love to death and someone recommended them to me. I thought they were cool, would like to hear a full length

    4 1905 1
    This was a split with the next band. It was a lot different then their usual stuff, a lot more chaotic and emoish.

    4 Amanda Woodward 1
    From the split with the aformentioned band. Wasn't anyt different then the stuff on their album, still good though.