• Bell Orch @ Luminato

    Jun 14 2009, 14h19

    This was the second time in as many months I was honored to see Montreal's FINEST. This time at The Harbourfront Centre, part of this year's Luminato Festival. Following on the heals of an amazing Cirque Du Soleil performance, The Bell Orchestra quickly got into their own musical acrobatics, lunging effortlessly from Chamber Music to dramatic creshendos. The Audience being at almost capacity brought a lot of energy in the performance. I'm a very devoted fan and it felt cathartic to see all these people enjoying the music I've been listening to for year.
    All in all, HIGHLY reccomended. if these guys are coming to your town, jut go see them. This is mood music for the soul.

    R D
  • A NIght With SV4

    Mai 28 2009, 14h26

    Wed 27 May – Ghostly 10 Year Anniversary: Toronto
    A very cool and rainy night however it didn't keep Toronto's electronic heads from coming to Drake Underground for some quality Electronic Tunes and Dream Pop.
    I love this label therefore the night was a HOME RUN, I also got to hang with quality people and like-minded folks....
    Milosh stole the show and the visuals were stunning. Big Up to SV4 for the quality beats between each set.
  • A Stones Throw Away......

    Mai 4 2009, 21h01

    Toronto is one of the lucky North American cities with the Bi-Monthly Stones Throw parties therefore the tour's stop here was expected.
    The venue, Revival was 80% to capacity by midnight. M Hawthorne was on the decks to open the show playing a variety of Dilla neck snappers to classic Motown joints from the early 60's. He's more of a selector than a DJ however there was some cohesion to his overall set. DAM FUNK came on shortly after to took us to the Funkmosphere, a TIGHT set full of classic boogie and Dame's signature production. His announcement of the tracks along with the labels was the icing on the cake.
    James Pants!!!!!!!! WOW, came on and took OVER, he just owned the night. The show was part Captain Beefheart, The Cars plus evangelical variety show. Let's just say James and co stole the show. PBW came and cleaned things up with his neat, video DJ set, nothing better that watching old Hip Hop videos together with clips of Mr.T after school specials..... Where does Wolf find this stuff.
    All in all, not my greatest live experience but VERY high marks on entertainment value.
  • Cool Kids & Q-Tip @ The Phoenix in Toronto

    Dez 6 2008, 7h49

    Fri 5 Dec – 2K Sports Bounce Tour w/ Q-Tip & The Cool Kids
    The Cool Kids quickly went through their album, basically the show was them rapping in unison while the DJ played the backing tracks, with the ODD scratch
    There were some minor highlights however this show was VERY underwhelming.
    Q-Tip hit the stage with a FIVE piece band, EPMD's DJ Scratch mined the ones and twos. The band was tight, problem is the sound SO BAD that Q-Tip was barely audible for the entire show, the energy and the band was great however this performance can be summed up in two words...
    BAD SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Worse sound I have EVER heard @ a live venue and sadly the performers had no idea.
    So in conclusion, it looked like a good performance, we just had to cover our ears to save them.