Ago 17 2009, 14h59

bending round curves, the side of mothers
body, gliding through solid air and a cruise
just relaxing enough to make you notice the
sunbeam shading in and out of the fence along
the river canal.
sprinkler system so entirely connected to
the complete essence of summer, breezing
out a mist of water so cool shivers down
a spine. imaginations of little universes
inside each and every drop of water feeding
the lawn, overgrown, soon to be cut and
a possible end to that moment.
mystery shadows flickering around your shape
almost as a non-repulsive circus carousel would
without the worry and ticket fare with nothing
to enjoy but the enjoyment.
so a balloon floats across the street, drifting
around the wonderfulness wonders of what it
has to offer, creating marvelous rainbow effect
when it bounces and rolls over into the sun.
porch lurking and smirking , in taking it all
as the jack-o-lantern colored sky warms the
side of a face, so dirty and innocent but
always fooling itself with the daily expressions.
you suppose its dried up by now and the morning
has moved on with nothing but a mental image,
something to remember when its not good,
something to reflect on when its all run out.


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