T In The Park 2008 review, part 1. (WITH PICS OMG)


Ago 12 2008, 14h56

So, aye, T in the Park was about a month ago, so thought I'd write a little sumin-sumin about. I was not there for Friday, but was there the rest of the weekend. Good times! And I missed a ton of crappy unknown bands that the hardcore indie kids would shout at me for, but I'm heedin for your shitey unknown indie!

First up was Eddy Grant, who had a hit back in like 2001 with Electric Avenue! Apparently he was big in the 70s or some shit! How relevant! Anyway, Baby Come Back and Electric Avenue are tunes and it's hard not to enjoy watching a 60-odd year-old man play a guitar with his penis. One of the dancers repeatedly trying to have sex with him was un-nerving, however.

Next, we went for a swag around because nothing interested us. We bought some alcohol tickets and they gave us several extra for free!

Free beer is the best kind of beer.

So, yeah, we realised The Stranglers were on soon, so we were all, "OMG LETZ GO NOW SO WE CAN GET A GD SPOT!" So we did, and we caught the last couple of songs from David Jordan, who seemed like an energetic young man. With leather trousers. Oh!

When he finished, everyone ran like the plague, "OH NOEZ, OLD BAND STARTING SOON, MUST RETAIN INDIE CREDIBILITY!" So we made our way all the way to the front row, while the old fogies filed in.

Gormless security men, cannae beat them.

Eventually, The Stranglers stode on-stage and rocketed through an absolutely blinding greatest hits set. Noticably absent was drummer Jet Black, but after getting home and doing research, I found out that is unfortunately suffering from illness. Anyway, the band was on fire and sparked mass sing-alongs and pogo-ing. Afterwards, everyone sung the chorus to 'No More Heroes' as we left the tent.

Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches.

After that, we strolled back along to the main stage, where we caught the last song of the very-lovely Kate Nash's set. She seemed very angry towards her piano. Then, we wanted a good spot for Biffy Clyro that we actually stayed for The Feeling, who were as amazingly boring as you'd expect.

After what felt like forever, Biffy came on-stage to a total hero's welcome. Those were some lovely red trousers they were wearing! The three lads from Ayrshire were in great form and were their usual intense selves. If I remember correctly, only two songs - Justboy and 57 - were played that weren't on the new album, but Puzzle is an incredible record, so I'm not going to argue. Highlights were the huge sing-along for 'Machines' and 'Who's Got A Match?' The opener to Puzzle, 'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies', was left until the end of their spectacular set and left the audience in awe and wanting more. No 'Glitter and Trauma', though = :(.

Mon the Biffy!

Next, I caught We Are Scientists, who were pretty average, so I left half-way through for a pish and some banter with randomers. After a while, I met back up with my mates and we went to see Pigeon Detectives, who put on a surprisingly great show. I didn't get a chance to take photos, however, because I was surrounded by people who seemed like they'd give you abuse and give you a stomping for having TOO good a time. And, that did actually happen. Someone bumped into a guy totally on accident and the guy punched him in the stomach. FUN TIMES!

After that, I went on my own to see The Fratellis because my friends wanted to stay at the NME stage so they could get a good spot for the fucking Kaiser Chiefs. Fags. No matter, though, because I met a nice young fellow, who, like me, was pretty much just at The Fratellis so he could get a good spot for Rage! So, anyway, the Fratellis were decent, but ultimately rather boring. Anything from their second album was just met with total indifference from me.

Do do do, do do do, do do do do do do do, etc.

NEXT, was the mighty Rage Against the Machine. The crowd was wild even before they came on-stage and I only managed to take one photo the entire time. Absolutely amazing set, they busted out songs like Renegades of Funk and Vietnow, that I totally wasn't expecting, but were very, very welcome. Absolutely insane pitting throughout the set. I was right at the front getting squished, yay! Totally worth it, though. Someone next to me got their nose busted open, which was cool! Zack's rant during Know Your Enemy was a great moment, also.

The quiet before the storm.

Very soon after this, being the big arsehole that I am, I forced myself to the very front. :)
And, that concludes part one.


  • Louiseeyx

    Eddy Grant well waved to me cause im doss :)

    Fev 28 2009, 23h13
  • Louiseeyx

    Ewwww old man behind me at stranglers :(

    Fev 28 2009, 23h14
  • Louiseeyx

    This year better be doss ~:)

    Fev 28 2009, 23h15
  • Louiseeyx

    oh ps im doss :)

    Fev 28 2009, 23h16
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