Another Random Shuffle Thing


Jul 1 2008, 20h01

As you can probably tell, I am immensely bored.

So, here goes.

01. If I reached the top of Mount Everest, I would scream:
Song: Nothing Came Out
Artist: The Moldy Peaches
Comment: Okay...or would it mean that I'd be so overwhelmed that I couldn't say anything?

02. The next time I stand up in front of a group of people, I'll say:
Song: Rocky Took A Lover
Artist: Bell X1
Comment: And they would think I was crazy.

03. My favourite thing to say when drunk is:
Song: Begging
Artist: The Libertines
Comment: People would think I was a drunk tramp of sorts. XD

04. My message to the world is:
Song: Missile
Artist: IAMX
Comment: Oh, yes. Watch out for those crazy things.

05. When I think of my best friend I think:
Song: Let's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved)
Artist: Bright Eyes
Comment: An ode to Proactiveness.

06. My deepest secret is:
Song: Mockingbird
Artist: The Libertines
Comment: Do I have a hidden mockingbird somewhere?

07. My innermost desire is:
Song: Since I've Been Loving You
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Comment: So it seems I am harbouring long-lost emotions of repressed love. We'll see.

08. My oldest memory makes me think:
Song: Us
Artist: Regina Spektor
Comment: The best memories are those with the ones you care about the most.

09. Somewhere in my wedding vows, I'll include:
Song: On Sussex Downs
Artist: Larrikin Love
Comment: How on Earth would that fit in?

10. On my deathbed, I'll whisper:
Song: Rich Kids
Artist: Adam Green
Comment: Oh yes, they'll be the death of me. Or perhaps I 'll be a millionaire and leave all my children my wealth.

11. My friends say ... behind my back:
Song: Year of the Boar
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Comment: :o I hope not!

12. I say ... behind my friends' backs:
Song: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors
Artist: Editors
Comment: I find this song so incredibly boring. But none of my close friends are boring. Or smoke.

13. My opinion of MySpace is:
Song: Debbie
Artist: Architecture In Helsinki
Comment: Oh really?

14. When I wake up in the morning, I mutter:
Song: Ramble On
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Comment: I am the Master Of Rambling. And why do Led Zeppelin keep appearing?

15. If I found myself lost on a desert island, I'd yell:
Song: The Gulag Orkestar
Artist: Beirut
Comment: Yes for they will save me in my hour of need. But Zach Condon can always come to my resuce :)

16. Right now, my feelings are:
Song: Let It Be
Artist: The Beatles
Comment: Obviously, I have issues that need to be addressed.

17. My excuse for reposting this is:
Song: Ocean of Noise
Artist: Arcade Fire
Comment: Ths post means nothing. I am simply avoiding real life.

18. My life's soundtrack is:
Song: Love Is a Losing Game
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Comment: Pretty accurate really.

19. I scream ... during sex:
Song: Greyhoundredux
Artist: MGMT
Comment: Ooh, that's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it?

20. My farewell message to the readers of this is:
Song: Lost?
Artist: Coldplay
Comment: Well, yes, you probably are if you stumbled on my profile. :) The exit is that way -->


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