• Coming up on that time again - The best of 2013

    Set 21 2013, 14h29

    Again, not really a great year for music but still way better than 2011. But that is setting the bar awfully low. 2012 was a pretty awesome year, but I'm just going to skip it and go to current events. Because who reads this shit anyway?

    So far the contenders (it's actually plural this time) are:

    Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide

    Aosoth - IV - Arrow in Heart

    Warbeast - Destroy

    So far edge goes to Sulphur Aeon for an album that sounds like the soundtrack to the awakening of Cthulhu. It's going to be real hard to top this one in the next three months.
  • And 2011 goes to...

    Jan 12 2012, 18h30

    Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition for Sheep'N'Guns.

    2011 was a shitty year for metal/hard music. Probably because just about everyone who knows how to make good music released their works the previous year.

    2011 we got such gems as Morbid Angel's Illud Divinum Insanus, In Flames' Sounds of a Playground Fading (oh for fuck's sake...), and more.

    Replace "gems" with "steaming pile of elephant shit" of course.

    SCD however took the direction they started out on with Inventory of Fixtures (which itself was one of the best things I've heard come out of Europe) and added in even more of the infectious groove that made IoF aural cocaine and making the songs more defined and easier to follow. While not as much a deathgrind assault like IoF the goregrind foundation they started on is still there.

    And the best part? They did it all without a label. Sheep'N'Guns is self-released. Buy the CD directly from them, they more than deserve it. Way more than pretty much everyone else who made an album 2011.
  • How to name your event

    Jun 3 2011, 16h59

    I applaud the organizers of the event for going with a name that warns everyone beforehand how shitty it's bound to be.
  • Well now...

    Nov 26 2010, 4h38

    The new Atheist and Deathspell Omega albums are painfully awesome.

    Reviews will be made of one or maybe both on my dA account someday. I don't know when, that place is starting to bore me with everyone I know leaving and the mods being fucking imbeciles.
  • Sweetjesusonabluewafflewithlemonspread

    Out 15 2010, 2h53

    Deathspell Omega


    Both arriving November 9th.

    My decade. It has been made.

    And Rotten Sound coming to Cleveland next year in February will make my next decade. Life is fucking awesome right now.
  • Finally.

    Ago 19 2010, 15h29

  • Why?!

    Mai 26 2010, 23h01

    Why did I ever stop listening to Teitanblood?!

    Abr 8 2010, 0h39

    I now own

    Immolation - Majesty And Decay
    Hour Of Penance - Paradogma
    Rotten Sound - Napalm

    And because Willotip records rule I got them all for under $40.

    The new Ash Pool - For Which He Plies The Lash is good stuff too.

    2009 was an awesome year for music. 2010 is already looking just as good. Now how about something new from Deathspell Omega and Pitbulls In The Nursery? Oh that would make my decade.
  • Oh me.

    Fev 3 2010, 15h49

    I just realized I have 206 pages of banned tracks.

  • Music review: Mayhem - Ordo Ad Chao

    Set 7 2009, 14h58

    Right so just about everyone knows about the band Mayhem right? It’s hard not to have, first vocalist blew his brains out, and their session bassist stabbed their guitarist to death. Rock on boys.

    Well offstage antics aside, Mayhem is actually a band worth some time looking into. Since Deathcrush and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas created the blueprints for turning thrash metal into black metal the band has been like a damned musical merry-go-round – going from traditional black metal to progressive and avant-garde metal – but with very questionable success.

    How do I put this… Well it’s not as bad as it could have been. It’s not another Grand Declaration Of War. But it’s not even close to the lofty standards their peers have now reached.

    First track is your typical cliché filler intro. I didn’t even bother listening to the damn thing. I hate stand-alone intros. So it goes right into Wall of Water. First thing I notice is something’s not right with the sound. There’s treble and bass, but no mids. What’s going on?

    Then I realize it’s the album’s absolutely craptastic production. There are NO midtones in this thing. NONE. I have never heard any album in my entire life that has sounded this unbalanced and amateurish. With all the money these guys have, and with DIY punk bands that don’t even need pro studio techs sounding hundreds of times better, there is no excuse.

    The good news about the music is Hellhammer. He’s rarely failed to play anything short of excellent drums. This album is no exception fortunately and is perhaps the only reason I haven’t wiped it from my drive and memory. Well, and there are a few good riffs in there courtesy of Rune “Blasphemer” Erickson.

    But then we get to the vocals and the pain returns. Guess who they decided to bring back to the band? The infamous “straining my bowls for satan!” Attila Csihar. That’s right, the same guy who almost single-handedly managed to make De Mysteriis unlistenable. But now instead of sounding like he’s trying to let loose a hell-sized shit he sounds like a 10-year old trying to be all “spooky” while sitting around a campfire. Granted this isn’t as bad as Maniac’s spoken-word bullshit on GDoW, but dammit, I think he was trying.

    All of this may have been much more tolerable thanks to Hellhammer and Blasphemer if only it kept a quick pace so Attila wouldn’t have had as much time to mumble and groan. But no such luck, there’s a lot of slower passages that magnify the glaring flaws.

    Parting shots:

    Awesome drums and some good riffs can’t save anyone from inexplicably awful production and vocals.


    Ordo Ad Chao