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  • Some quiz about metal

    Mai 23 2012, 10h23

    Yes, I really have nothing to do with time ; p

    Favorite death metal band: Vader
    Favorite black metal band: Mayhem with Dead on vocals or Gorgoroth
    Favorite thrash band: Megadeth
    Favorite power metal band: I'm not really into power metal, but I would say Hammerfall
    Favorite traditional metal band: Black Sabbath, definetly
    Favorite doom metal band: Hard choice, Candlemass along with Paradise Lost
    Favorite Gothic Metal band: I really hate gothic metal, but early Tristania is quite ok
    Favorite "other" metal band: Don't know, maybe Bullet for my valentine? I'm not into that stuff
    Favorite song: Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
    Favorite instrumental: Megadeth - Into the lungs of hell
    Favorite live album: Mayhem - Live in Leipzig (best black metal album for me)
    Favorite festival: Waken? I wish I was at Waken
    Favorite tour: Screaming for violence tour (Onlsuaght, Suidakra, Final Depravity) - the best gig in my life!
    Favorite metal magazine: Metal Hammer, I think
    Favorite (male) screamer/growler: Gaahl from Gorgoroth
    Favorite (male) singer (clean): Dave Mustaine? I'm not sure if he sings clean, but...
    Favorite (female) screamer/growler: Sabina Classen from Holy Moses <3 and Lori Bravo from Nuclear Death
    Favorite (female) singer (clean): I don't like soprano vocals, but I really enjoy listening to catchy female vocals... Doro or singer of Battle Beast
    Age you started listening to Metal: About 14. I started to listen Cannibal Corpse then I started discovering many metal bands
    What was the first band you listened to? Metal band? Cannibal Corpse :>
    Don't lie, do you listen to nu-metal?: Sometimes I listen to Korn. I'm not interested in all the others shitty bands.
    Keyboards in metal, yes or no?: Depends, most of the time no (But I love keybords in bands like Vesania or Cemetery of scream)
    Does corpse paint make you "grim" and "true"?: It may be funny (Immortal) or really grim (like Dead)
    Is power metal girly?: No, but I don't like power metal
    Metallica or Slayer: Slayer
    Iced Earth or Blind Guardian: Neither, I don't listen to them
    The Haunted or At The Gates: At the Gates, but only cuz i've never heard of the other
    S.O.D. or Anthrax: S.O.D. because I really like Danny Lilker. And Anthrax is boring at the times
    Hammerfall or Stratovarius: Stratovarius
    My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost: Paradise Lost. "Icon" or "shades of god" are just amazing. And I'm not really into My Dying Bridge.
    Iron Maiden or Judas Priest: Iron Maiden
    In Flames or Dark Tranquillity: Dark Tranquility, but I don't listen to them.
    Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth: Dimmu Borgir
    Ensiferum or Wintersun: I love both, they are truly amazing. I'd say Ensiferum with Jari and Wintersun :>
    Carcass or Arch Enemy: Arch Enemy. One of my first metal band, so I have a sentiment for them. But Khaos Leguions are awful ._. Although I really like extreme metal, death metal I can't stand Carcass
    Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse: Of course Morbid Angel. I also like Cannibal Corpse (my first metal band...) but they are just too similar in each album. Morbid Angel(especially first four releases) are simply amazing
    Nevermore or Sanctuary: Don't listen to them
    Darkthrone or Immortal: Immortal
    Venom or Bathory: Venom. More thrashy and brutal
    Mayhem or Burzum: Mayhem, especially with Dead on vocals(yes, I'm a big fan of him)
    Celtic Frost or Hellhammer: Celtic Frost
    Death or Obituary: Obituary
    Testament or Kreator: Kreator
    U.S. Black Metal or European Black Metal: European. Besatt, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult...
    Blast Beats or Breakdowns: Of course Blast Beats! Hail Pete Sandoval
    Power Metal or Progressive Metal: Neither
    Fates Warning or Dream Theater: I don't like neither ._.
    Benediction or Napalm Death: Napalm Death
    Judas Iscariot or Nargaroth: Nargaroth, even I'm not relly into them. Black metal ist krieg!
    Cynic or Atheist: Atheist
    Entombed or Dismember: Enthombed, my friend likes them, we were listening together to them... Not bad :D
    Helloween or Gamma Ray: Gamma ray
    Suffocation or Dying Fetus: Both bands good. But Suffocation for better vocals
    Children of Bodom or Sinergy: Children of Bodom
    Sepultura or Sarcofago: of course Sepultura!
    King Diamond or Mercyful Fate: King Diamond
    Nu Metal or Metalcore: I don't know, I don;t like neither, but I would go with nu metal, because I like Korn
    Stockholm metal or Gothenburg metal: Neither
    Opeth or Katatonia: Katatonia
    Impaled Nazarene or Beherit: Impaled Nazaren, of course
    Evergrey or Pain of Salvation: Never heard of either
    DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND or Strapping Young Lad: SYL
    Marduk or Dark Funeral: Both bands are fucking awesome, but I prefer Marduk
    Vital Remains or Deicide: Deicide, I've never heard od Vital Remains
    1349 or Emperor: Emperor... or 1349... I don't know, listen to both bands.
    Opeth or Symphony X: Opeth
    Covenant or The Kovenant: Never heard of either
    Gore grind or evil Death metal?: Death metal
    Suicidal Black metal or Brutal Black Metal?: Both.
    Bay Area Thrash or German Thrash?: German Thrash the best (although my favourite thrash metal band is from Bay arena...)
    Mütiilation or Shining?: Mutilation
    Gorgoroth or Gaahlskagg?: Both. If I had to choose, Gorgoroth.
    Myrkskog or Zyklon?: Never heard of either
    DevilDriver or Coal Chamber?: Never heard of either
    Lacuna Coil or Theatre of Tragedy?: Hate either bands.
  • Milestones

    Mai 20 2012, 15h37

    Last.FM Milestones1st track: (23 May 2011)
    Dark Funeral - The Secrets of the Black Arts
    1000th track: (08 Aug 2011)
    Sadistic Intent - Lurking Terror
    2000th track: (11 Nov 2011)
    Venom - Raise the Dead (*)(Demo Version)
    3000th track: (20 Dec 2011)
    Venom - Red Light Fever
    4000th track: (11 Jan 2012)
    Nuclear Assault - Game Over
    5000th track: (15 Feb 2012)
    Onslaught - Confused
    6000th track: (12 Mar 2012)
    Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God
    7000th track: (11 Apr 2012)
    Onslaught - Pain
    8000th track: (16 May 2012)
    Immortal - Grim And Frostbitten Kingdom
    9000th track: (04 Jun 2012)
    Heidevolk - Vrijgevochten
    10000th track: (29 Jun 2012)
    Hellias - Blind Destiny (intro)
    11000th track: (30 Aug 2012)
    Candlemass - Samarithan
    12000th track: (16 Sep 2012)
    Hate - Postmortem (Slayer Cover)
    13000th track: (02 Oct 2012)
    Heidevolk - Reuzenmacht
    14000th track: (21 Oct 2012)
    Marduk - The Return Of Darkness & Evil
    15000th track: (11 Nov 2012)
    Egaheer - Strąceni z Niebiosów
    16000th track: (23 Nov 2012)
    Fueled by Fire - The Arrival
    17000th track: (08 Dec 2012)
    Overkill - Nothing to Die For
    18000th track: (05 Jan 2013)
    Paradise Lost - The Enemy
    19000th track: (28 Jan 2013)
    Bulldozer - Art of Deception
    20000th track: (03 Apr 2013)
    Anal Cunt - Can't Touch This
    21000th track: (25 Aug 2013)
    Bathory - Woman of Dark Desires
    22000th track: (11 Dec 2013)
    Triptykon - My Pain
    23000th track: (25 Feb 2014)
    Koresh - Adolph Hipster
    Generated on 22 Mar 2014
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  • How mainstream am I?

    Fev 15 2012, 20h04

    Find the number of listeners for your top 25 artists.

    1.Vader - 206 730
    2. Onslaught - 57 918
    3. Megadeth - 1 068 551
    4. Vesania - 41 544
    5. Venom - 214 736
    6. Cemetery of Scream - 17 043
    7. Nuclear Assault - 111 157
    8. Marduk - 132 108
    9. Celtic Frost - 149 604
    10. Soulfly - 513 124
    11. Sodom - 181 454
    12. Gorgoroth - 130 710
    13. Candlemass - 111 799
    14. Brutality - 10 593
    15.Besatt - 13 662
    16. Mayhem - 165 923
    17.Destruction - 139 767
    18. Kat - 58 805
    19. Arch Enemy - 513 050
    20. Holy Moses - 30 348
    21. Kreator - 340 859
    22. Amon Amarth - 417 992
    23. Morbid Angel - 207 495
    24 .Armagedon - 2 500
    25. Bulldozer - 23 776

    Total: 4861246
    Divided by 25: 194449 (average).

    Divide by the number of Radiohead listeners.
    Radiohead: 3 485 391

    194449 / 3 485 391 = 0,05

    Multiply by 100.

    Result: 5% mainstream