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Mar 11 2011, 21h44

No name Atm..

Lies bury the truth, Growing deep within mankind.
Strangling the roots of faith.
Destroying hope for tomorrow.
Covers the faces of those speaking truth.

Now the rain will fall, Expose the truth hidden for so long, We all will see the face of God. Hands Of Justice reveal whats right.

Follow the voices Screaming threats of terror.\
Let What you feel choose you path.
Never Cover up your fears.

Rain will fall... Truth is shown..
Seeing the face of God.. Seeing what is right.

Comments PLEASE!!? first song posted and want to know what you think


  • iGOREshh

    Nice... can you record this? I have a music on Guitar Pro 6 without vocals ... xD

    Mar 12 2011, 21h55
  • alexa-x

    lol I'm not really sure whether you want me to comment, I'm a harsh critic but I'll be nice :) I like the subject matter - it's not a new topic but still prevalent within our society and the sharpness of this hammers that message home. I really like it and I'd like to see you expand on this more as it seems a little short & kind of irregular. Interesting use of imagery, I think you could extend these and develop but overall good job, It's really brave of you to post this and I hope to hear more in the future x

    Mar 15 2011, 18h48
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