Electric Wizard & Blood Ceremony @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 11th September 2009


Set 11 2009, 8h46

Thu 10 Sep – Electric Wizard, Blood Ceremony

Electric Wizard and Blood Ceremony last night in Ivory Blacks, Glasgow. This is the third time I've seen Wizard in a year.

Blood Ceremony were alright I suppose - I've got their album and it's pretty generic (but it has a flute! How can a flute be generic! Zomg they're like Jethro Tull! (No, they're not, flute ≠ Jethro Tull)). The drummer was at least entertaining to watch.

Jus from Wizard was a moody git and kept having coughing fits on stage. Must be all that weed he smokes. As usual they were sloppy and spaced out, and Liz Buckingham found something to complain about; this time it was the stage lighting.

Regardless, they were heavy and slow and awesome. Setlist:

Witchcult Today
Return Trip
We Hate You
Satanic Rites of Drugula
The Chosen Few

I was pleased to see the addition of Dunwich as it's one of my favourites and added a slight bit of rocking out to the set.

Managed to flog a couple of Triangle Theory CDs while I was there.


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