Jan 22 2009, 5h34

If you didn’t know Mick Harvey has quit Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds today 22nd of January. So could this have been the last Bad Seeds show ever??? We’ll have to see what happens next.

This was last night of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! 2008-2009 world tour, which Nick Cave himself said seems to have lasted forever. He finished here in Perth, W.A. on Tue 20 Jan – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Belvoir Amphitheatre on the Great Northern Highway out in the Swan Valley, one of the best venues here if not the greatest venue in Perth. It’s an outdoor venue sitting in amongst all trees.

Local heroes The Painkillers were the support band tonight, Joe Bludge on acoustic guitar and vocals with James Baker on Drums. Starting with Suicide Machine and finishing with Gypsy Davy with Abby May on guest vocals. Great set by them hopefully they win over some people who don’t go to local bands around town. Played classics Drunk on a Train, Honey Bees, Facility Friend, Porcupine and a few others. Over the P.A. was playing a live recording of Bob Dylan before the show and Bob's Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 came on after The Bad Seed played the last song.

One of the really great things about this venue is, if you are on the right side which is the left side really, you can see the band walking down the hill on the other side, so everyone where we were started to scream, shout, clap, make noise and point which then the rest of the place went nuts. Nick taking centre stage with his electric guitar on one side and his crazy little keyboard on the other and music stand with paper of music and lyrics, I guess. Warren Ellis taking right side with his entire collection of instruments including, violin, mandolin, all his crazy little electric mandolin/guitars things and unbelievable amount of pedals all taped to the floor. Warren off course spent most of the night with his back to the crowd, just like the good old days of Dirty Three shows. All the shows I’ve seen Warren playing with The Bad Seeds he been up the back more but maybe the Grinderman thing has changed all that. As Rowland S. Howard said in the Great Aussie Album doco about the Murder Ballads album “Nick’s newest sidekick is Warren, Blixa Bargeld was before that, in The Birthday Party It was me and Mick Harvey has always been there.” (not anymore) Mick was on the other side playing acoustic, electric guitars and keyboard too. Behind him was Thomas Wydler playing drums and on the other side was Jim Sclavunos playing drums too, both seemed to be playing together all night. Conway Savage was behind Nick playing another keyboard. Martyn P.Casey playing his Bass up next to Jim’s drum kit.

To start with Nick climbed out on the fence and almost got pulled in and disappeared into the mosh pit before they started the first song. Then picked up his guitar and told the crowd he loved them too. Started with a mellow version of Hold on to Yourself, at some point someone threw an empty can of beer at Nick not that he cared but three security guys climbed into the mosh pit by this time the second song of Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! Started but Nick stopped the band and everything and asked them “What the fuck are you guys doing? Let Him Go! When has there been a law against dancing?” and told them to sit down over there and didn’t start again until they let him go and got out which took quite a while then Nick said “This is going to be a long night” maybe that was Warren anyway they started to play the song. The next few songs were older ones which he said before, “this is about a small town that got washed away… It’s where Elvis Presley was born” and started playing Tupelo. “This song is for weeping along with but we won’t be weeping long” The Weeping Song off course. Red Right Hand was in there too. They played all but three songs from the new album; they were the two above plus Today’s lesson, Moonland, We Call Upon the Author, Jesus of the Moon, Midnight Man and More News From Nowhere. Nature Boy, Straight to You, Papa won’t leave you Henry and Into My Arms which he didn’t play last time plus The Mercy Seat and Deanna. Before playing Into My Arms Nick said “you can sing this because I shore can’t fucking sing.”

Nick and Warren were jumping around together with they guitars or whatever you call it Warren plays. It seems playing the guitar for Nick has made him more friendly. He chatted a lot to the crowd and even climbed out on top of them too. The Bad Seeds played for a very long time tonight starting at 8:30 and going to 11:00. Finishing the main set with More News From Nowhere and then coming out and playing a six song encore. Starting with The Lyre of Orpheus asking the crowd to sing the O Mama bit. Cave singing the first line then stopping and looking down asking someone in the microphone if she just felt his cock?, then he said “I’m 51 years old”. He sat down to play People Aint No Good. Picked up his guitar for Get Ready for Love and Hard On for Love. Then throwing in Jesus of the Moon and Finishing with Stagger Lee which is the third time around ending with that song, not that is a bad song to do at the end. Nick was throwing in “Motherfuckers” everywhere too. I went and got a T-shirt after because it’s was one of the greatest shows ever and it’s been four years since the last one. Please come back sooner next time Mr. Cave and thank you again and your band too. If you didn’t see them, well that was the last night of the tour, so I guess you just fucked-up big time.


  • BunSummers

    Hey.Nice write up. I think the thing Warren was playing was an electric bouzouki.

    Jan 22 2009, 7h18
  • fetta

    This was one of the most inspiring gigs I have ever seen.

    Jan 25 2009, 14h15
  • BlackCoffeeDuck

    It was Mick Harvey who said “This is going to be a long night” after the second song was stopped not Nick or Warren who said that. His last long night with The Bad Seeds now. Oh yeah i forgotten Warren plays electric bouzouki too. And yes fetta it was one of the most inspiring gigs i've ever seen too.

    Jan 26 2009, 10h58
  • EncouragingSlug

    Awesome write up BCD. You are a legend. Sad to hear about Mick. Glad that I got to see them together just in time though!

    Jan 27 2009, 12h19
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