• I like Phil Collins, dammit!

    Out 6 2008, 8h26

    1. The guy is a great drummer
    2. And he's a first-rate pop song writer.

    Mock me if you must, but I stand by my defense of Phil Collins. (putting aside the fact that Genesis was, at first anyway, a major prog-rock band. that's another discussion, though.)
  • Cream -- BBC

    Ago 17 2008, 3h26

    Even though this isn't an "album" in the typical sense, this is one hell of a powerful Cream recording. The raw power of the band (in particular -- Sunshine of Your Love) comes through crystal clear, even if all the recordings aren't "hi-fi." Ginger Baker & Eric Clapton just pop out at you as being remarkably aggressive. Jack Bruce's vocals are a lot rawer, and his bass virtuosity is on display (see -- Steppin' Out). If you like Cream, you should check this one out for sure.
  • Smashing Pumpkins.

    Set 5 2007, 2h49

    I've been listening to insane amounts of Smashing Pumpkins of late. Mellon Collie, Siamese Dream, Machina I, Gish, Zeitgeist ... all of it, pretty much. It's really weird, but I find my writing goes SO much better when SP is playing ... I think it has a lot to do with tonality, and how the mood of the piece I'm working on just really meshes with this kind of expansive, big, swirling and LOUD tonality that the pumpkins can bring SO well.

    songs that i find especially helpful to write with: Thru The Eyes Of Ruby, Tarantula, Geek U.S.A.