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Ago 28 2006, 21h41

So after ranting about why good album kick the living shit out of bad albums (well duh), here's a list of albums that I own (and that means that I have an original copy which I paid for):

Last update: November 09, 2011

A Perfect Circle (United States)
2000: Mer De Noms

Agua de Annique (Netherlands)
2007: Air

Akercocke (United Kingdom)
2005: Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
2007: Antichrist

Alamo Race Track (Netherlands)
2011: Unicorn Loves Deer

Alchemist (Australia)
1999: Organasm

Alex Skolnick Trio (United States)
2007: Last Day In Paradise

Aliases (United Kingdom)
2011: Safer Than Reality

Amatorski (Belgium)
2011: TBC

The Amenta (Australia)
2007: Occasus
2008: n0n

Amplifier (United Kingdom)
2006: Insider
2010: The Octopus
2011: Fractal

Anaal Nathrakh (United Kingdom)
2004: Domine Non Es Dignus
2006: Eschaton

Anathema (United Kingdom)
2001: A Fine Day to Exit
2003: A Natural Disaster
2010: We're Here Because We're Here

Ane Brun (Norway)
2008: Changing of the Seasons
2008: Sketches

Animal Alpha (Norway)
2008: You Pay For The Whole Seat But You Only Need The Edge

Anneke van Giersbergen & Danny Cavanagh (Netherlands/United Kingdom)
2009: In Parallel

Anneke van Giersbergen with Agua de Annique (Netherlands)
2009: Pure Air

Arcturus (Norway)
2001: The Sham Mirrors

Arvo Pärt (Estonia)
1964: Collage Über B-A-C-H
1971: Symphony No. 3
1977: Tabula Rasa

Atomic Ants (Italy)
2006: Keep Cool and Dry

Ayreon (Netherlands)
2004: The Human Equation

Balmorhea (United States)
2008: Rivers Arms

Behemoth (Poland)
1999: Satanica
2000: Thelema.6
2004: Demigod
2007: The Apostasy
2009: Evangelion

Between the Buried and Me (United States)
2005: Alaska
2007: Colors

The Black Dahlia Murder (United States)
2005: Miasma

Bloodbath (Sweden)
2008: The Wacken Carnage
2008: The Fathomless Mastery

Cannibal Corpse (United States)
2006: Kill

Cephalic Carnage (United States)
2007: Xenosapien

chapter7 (Netherlands)
2009: Promo CD 2009

Charlie Parker (United States)
2007: Chasin' His Legendary Tunes

Chimaira (United States)
2004: The Impossibility of Reason
2007: Resurrection

Codes in the Clouds (United Kingdom)
2010: Paper Canyon Recycled
2011: As The Spirit Wanes

Coheed and Cambria (United States)
2007: No World For Tomorrow

Colossa (Netherlands)
2009: Colossa EP
2011: Born to Make a Sound

Cube X (Netherlands)
2011: Kanzi's Word List

Cynic (United States)
1993: Focus
2008: Traced in Air

Daath (United States)
2007: The Hinderers
2009: The Concealers

Daily Bread (Netherlands)
2009: Well, You're Not Invited

Deftones (United States)
2006: Saturday Night Wrist
2010: Diamond Eyes

DevilDriver (United States)
2007: The Last Kind Words

Devin Townsend (Canada)
1997: Ocean Machine
1997: Christeen EP
1998: Infinity
2000: Official Bootleg 2000
2000: Physicist
2001: Terria
2003: Project EKO
2004: Devlab
2006: The Hummer
2007: Ziltoid the Omniscient
2011: Unplugged

The Devin Townsend Band (Canada)
2003: Accelerated Evolution
2006: Synchestra

Devin Townsend Project (Canada)
2009: Ki
2009: Addicted
2011: Live EP
2011: Deconstruction
2011: Ghost

Dimension Zero (Sweden)
2001: Silent Night Fever

Dimmu Borgir (Norway)
2001: Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
2003: Death Cult Armageddon

Disillusion (Germany)
2004: Back To Times of Splendor
2006: Gloria

Django Reinhardt (Belgium)
2004: Et Le Hot Club De France

Djerv (Norway)
2011: Djerv

Dream Theater (United States)
2003: Train of Thought

Drive Like Maria (Belgium/Netherlands)
2009: Elmwood

Eagles of Death Metal (United States)
2008: Heart On

Eckhardt (Netherlands)
2010: Big Blue Yonder

Ennio Morricone (Italy)
2004: Movie Masterpieces

Enslaved (Norway)
1998: Blodhemn
2004: Isa
2006: Ruun
2008: Vertebrae
2010: Axioma Ethica Odini
2011: The Sleeping Gods

Ephel Duath (Italy)
2003: The Painter's Palette
2005: Pain Necessary To Know
2007: Pain Remixes the Known
2009: Through My Dog's Eyes

Exivious (Netherlands)
2009: Exivious

Fantômas (United States)
2003: Delirium Cordia

Fear Factory (United States)
1995: Demanufacture
2004: Archetype

Foo Fighters (United States)
1995: Foo Fighters
1997: The Colour and the Shape
1999: There Is Nothing Left to Lose
2002: One by One
2005: In Your Honor
2006: Skin And Bones
2007: Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
2011: Wasting Light

Forsophie (Netherlands)
2009: Forsophie

Fourteen Twentysix (Netherlands)
2010: Lighttown Closure

Frédéric Chopin (Poland)
2006: Preludes, Impromptus

The Gathering (Netherlands)
2000: If Then Else
2003: Souvenirs
2004: Sleepy Buildings
2005: Accessories
2006: Home

Ghost Brigade (Finland)
2009: Isolation Songs

God Dethroned (Netherlands)
2006: Toxic Touch

God Is An Astronaut (Ireland)
2007: Far From Refuge
2008: God Is An Astronaut

Gorefest (Netherlands)
2007: Rise To Ruin

Grizzly Bear (United States)
2009: Veckatimest

Hacride (France)
2005: Deviant current signal
2007: Amoeba
2009: Lazarus

HevyDevy AllStars
2006: HevyDevy AllStars Compilation

Houses (Netherlands)
2010: End Of Story
2011: Clean Life

Hypocrisy (Sweden)
2005: Virus

Ihsahn (Norway)
2010: After

Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
2006: Pro Patria Finlandia

In Flames (Sweden)
2005: In Live We Trust (disc 1: Live at Hammersmith)
2005: In Live We Trust (disc 2: Live at Sticky Fingers)

In Vain (Norway)
2010: Mantra

Incubus (United States)
1999: Make Yourself
2001: Morning View
2004: A Crow Left of the Murder

Indukti (Poland)
2004: S.U.S.A.R.

Richard A Ingram (United Kingdom)
2010: Consolamentum

Jeff Buckley (United States)
1994: Grace

Jeff Wayne (United States)
1978: The War Of The Worlds

John Coltrane (United States)
1964: A Love Supreme
1957: Blue Train
1957: Soultrane + Dakar

Jimi Hendrix (United States)
2003: Lonnie Youngblood and the so-called Jimi Hendrix tapes
2003: Sunshine Of Your Love

John Williams (United States)
1999: Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Jónsi (Iceland)
2010: Go
2010: Go live

Katie Melua (Georgia)
2003: Call Off the Search
2005: Piece by Piece
2007: Pictures
2008: The Katie Melua Collection
2010: The House

de Kling (Netherlands)
2011: Demo 2011

Kong (United Kingdom)
2008: Blood of a Dove/A Hint of Rennit Innit
2008: Leather penny
2009: Snake Magnet

Lalu (France)
2005: Oniric Metal

Langs de Lijn (Netherlands)
2007: De Historische Radio-uitzending Van 29 April 2007

Leafblade (United Kingdom)
2008: To The Moonlight

Left (Netherlands)
2004: Don't Cover This
2005: Between Stars And Daylight
2007: So Much For Adaptation
2009: The Quest for Fire

Lunatic Soul (Poland)
2008: Lunatic Soul
2010: Lunatic Soul II

Lynyrd Skynyrd (United States)
2003: Vicious Cycle

Machine Head (United States)
2003: Hellalive
2007: The Blackening

Mastodon (United States)
2004: Leviathan
2009: Crack the Skye

The Mars Volta (United States)
2008: The Bedlam in Goliath

Meshuggah (Sweden)
2004: I

Metallica (United States)
1983: Kill 'Em All
1984: Ride the Lightning
1986: Master of Puppets
1988: ...and Justice for All
1991: Metallica
1996: Load
1997: Reload
1998: Garage, Inc.
1999: S&M
2003: St. Anger
2008: Death Magnetic

Mike Oldfield (United Kingdom)
1973: Tubular Bells
1989: Earth Moving

Mild Eyes (United Kingdom)
2010: 44:50
2011: Europe
2011: Mild Eyes

Miles Davis (United States)
1950: The Complete Birth of the Cool
1959: Kind of Blue
1986: Tutu
1988: Munich Concert
2007: Walkin' - When Lights Are Low - Four - Oleo
2007: Kind Of Davis
2007: Milestones
2008: Ultimate Miles

Ministry (United States)
2006: Rio Grande Blood

Mnemic (Denmark)
2007: Passenger

Muse (United Kingdom)
1999: Showbiz
2001: Origin of Symmetry
2002: Hullabaloo
2003: Absolution
2006: Black Holes and Revelations
2008: HAARP

Myrkskog (Norway)
2000: Deathmachine

Napalm Death (United Kingdom)
2006: Smear Campaign
2009: Time Waits For No Slave

The [New] Shining (Netherlands)
2008: Supernatural Showdown

Nils Frahm (Germany)
2009: The Bells
2009: Wintermusik
2011: Felt

Nils Frahm & Anne Müller (Germany)
2010: 7fingers

Non-Human Level (Sweden)
2005: Non-Human Level

The Ocean (Germany)
2007: Precambrian

Oceansize (United Kingdom)
2003: Effloresce
2004: Music For Nurses
2005: Everyone Into Position
2007: Frames
2009: Feed To Feed
2009: Home and Minor
2010: Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up

Ólafur Arnalds (Iceland)
2006: Eulogy for Evolution
2008: Variations of Static
2009: Found Songs
2009: Dyad 1909
2010: ...and they have escaped the weight of darkness
2011: Livingroom Songs

Omnium Gatherum (Finland)
2004: Years In Waste
2007: Stuck Here On Snakes Way
2008: The Redshift

Opeth (Sweden)
1994: Orchid
1995: Morningrise
1998: My Arms, Your Hearse
1999: Still Life
2001: Blackwater Park
2002: Deliverance
2003: Damnation
2005: Ghost Reveries
2007: The Roundhouse Tapes
2008: Watershed
2011: Heritage

Our Lady Peace (Canada)
2003: Live

Pain of Salvation (Sweden)
2000: The Perfect Element I
2004: 12:5
2004: Be: The Original Stage Production
2009: Linoleum

Paradise Lost (United Kingdom)
2007: In Requiem

Paramore (United States)
2009: Brand New Eyes

Petter Carlsen (Norway)
2009: You Go Bird

Porcupine Tree (United Kingdom)
2003: In Absentia
2007: Fear of a Blank Planet

Portishead (United Kingdom)
1998: Roseland NYC Live

Probot (United States)
2003: Probot

Queen (United Kingdom)
1973: Queen

Queens of the Stone Age (United States)
2001: Songs for the Deaf
1999: Rated R

Racoon (Netherlands)
2005: Another Night

Radiohead (United Kingdom)
1997: OK Computer
2000: Kid A

Riverside (Poland)
2007: 02 Panic Room
2007: Rapid Eye Movement
2009: Anno Domini High Definition

Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico)
2006: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Room Eleven (Netherlands)
2007: Six White Russians And A Pink Pussycat

Samael (Switzerland)
2007: Solar Soul

Satyricon (Norway)
2009: The Age of Nero

Selah Sue (Belgium)
2010: Raggamuffin

Scar Symmetry (Sweden)
2006: Pitch Black Progress

Scarve (France)
2007: Undercurrent

Sepultura (Brazil)
2006: Dante XXI
2009: A-lex

Sikth (United Kingdom)
2003: The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild
2006: Death of a Dead Day

Sigur Rós (Iceland)
2000: Ágætis byrjun
2002: ( )
2005: Takk...
2008: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

Shadowboxer (United Kingdom)
2011: Two Cities

Shining (Sweden)
2005: IV: The Eerie Cold
2007: V: Halmstad

Shining (Norway)
2010: Blackjazz

Slayer (United States)
1986: Reign in Blood

Smaxone (Denmark)
2003: Regression

Soilwork (Sweden)
2005: Stabbing the drama

St. Germain (France)
1995: Boulevard
1999: Tourist

Star One (Netherlands)
2003: Live on Earth

Steven Wilson (United Kingdom)
2009: Insurgentes

Strapping Young Lad (Canada)
1995: Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing
1997: City
1998: No Sleep Till Bedtime
2003: SYL
2005: Alien
2006: The New Black

Steve Vai (United States)

Tenacious D (United States)
2001: Tenacious D

Textures (Netherlands)
2003: Polars
2006: Drawing Circles
2008: Silhouettes
2011: Dualism

Then Thickens (United Kingdom)
2011: Seriez-Vous Mon Ami
2011: Shoot Shoot

Thomas Giles (United States)
2011: Pulse

Threat Signal (Canada)
2006: Under Reprisal

Tool (United States)
2001: Lateralus
2006: 10,000 Days

Triggerfinger (Belgium)
2005: Triggerfinger
2008: What Grabs Ya?
2010: All This Dancin' Around

Ulver (Norway)
2005: Blood Inside

UnderThreat (Colombia)
2006: Deathmosphere

Yakuza (United States)
2007: Transmutations

Zimmer's Hole (Canada)
1997: Bound By Fire
2001: Legion of Flames
2008: When You Were Shouting At The Devil, We Were In League With Satan

Zyklon (Norway)
2006: Disintegrate

*takes deep breath*


  • Biert

    [quote]Some quality cds there, but where is Alien?!?!?!?![/quote] Hehe indeed I don't have that one yet, should get it soon to complete my SYL-collection. Although I'm not a big fan of it. I'm not a big fan of The New Black either but I ran into that one in a shop.

    Ago 29 2006, 14h32
  • BRMExtrEmE

    Some quality cds there, but where is ALIEN?!?!?!?! That's also the first thing I thought after reading the journal. And The New Black is great. It's just... Different.

    Set 8 2006, 16h44
  • Biert

    Added Polars

    Set 15 2006, 12h35
  • Biert

    Added Effloresce

    Out 4 2006, 8h10
  • Biert

    Completed my Muse-collection by adding Showbiz and Hullabaloo. Also, I had forgotten that the In Flames DVD I have came with two CDs, so I added those as well.

    Out 17 2006, 15h27
  • Biert

    Alright I gave in! Alien arrived today. With mini-bonus-DVD.

    Out 26 2006, 13h26
  • Biert

    New acquisitions: Rio Grande Blood and Et Le Hot Club De France.

    Out 31 2006, 15h34
  • Biert

    Souvenirs and some semi-official Jimi Hendrix double-album.

    Nov 7 2006, 12h13
  • Biert

    More more more!!! Tourist, Songs for the Deaf, HevyDevy AllStars Compilation, Another Night and the new Foo Fighters DVD, Skin And Bones.

    Nov 18 2006, 0h16
  • Biert

    More new stuff!!! The Hummer!!! And because I ordered Christeen EP and No sleep till bedtime while I was at it... I got those too :D

    Nov 28 2006, 17h28
  • Biert

    It had been over 2 weeks so I figured I'd better buy some more music :P Ruun and SEX & RELIGION.

    Dez 14 2006, 20h05
  • Biert

    Added two albums from my wishlist: Dante XXI and Virus

    Jan 9 2007, 19h21
  • abatage

    sorry to say it but you gotta branch out more \m/ some good stuff in there though!

    Jan 23 2007, 5h20
  • Biert

    It had been a while, so: 12:5

    Fev 5 2007, 16h19
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