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SaxonBig Teaser Ontem 15:20
SaxonRainbow Theme, Frozen rainbow Ontem 15:13
EmpyriumThe Turn Of The Tides Ontem 14:54
EmpyriumWith The Current Into Grey Ontem 04:26
EmpyriumWe Are Alone Ontem 04:23
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  • LeyEllen

    Thanks! I really need to pass on this test. Oh, did you heard the Blues Pills album? I just loved!!

    21 Jul 0h24 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    Hey, sorry for the delay to reply your message. I'm studying hard for a test next month. So, a friend talked about sweden rock,Krökbacken Festival and Muskelrock, they must be really good! Uow, you've seen four concerts of Graveyard, my dream is to go at least one, haha, it's my favorite band. Have a nice week!! :)

    6 Jul 21h26 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    whoa! Have you ever watched a concert of them? Must be great! A friend of mine showed me Blues Pills, I just loved! Her voice is just awesome. There are a lot of great bands from your country. I wish visit Sweden one day and go to a concert or festival! haha

    29 Jun 21h29 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    I knew witchcraft, very good! Noctum, I will listen. Thanks for the link,I found to download discographies of other bands that I was looking for!

    27 Jun 23h07 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    Horisont, I already knew, great band. The two other bands I've heard a few songs, I really enjoyed it! Especially uncle acid and the deadbeats. I'll try to find where I can download, hehe. Thanks for the suggestions :D

    21 Jun 0h05 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    I'm fine, thanks! Yeah, there's a lot there, and I need to meet more bands haha. There are times when I want to hear something, I try on my pc folders and give up because I'm already "tired" of repeating the same songs.

    18 Jun 22h48 Responder
  • LeyEllen

    Hi, how are you?? Thank you for accepting! I took a look at Thorns Metal Crypt, saw that there are many bands for me to search and meet. haha

    15 Jun 14h38 Responder
  • MalachiteCasket

    Good to hear. I also was planning to move - to another region (where weather must be better). I feel fine since I finally recovered from my illness =) Not all of the things in my life are nice (my dog suddenly died) but I try to keep optimism.

    29 Abr 4h15 Responder
  • MalachiteCasket

    Hi Niklas, long time no talk (do you even remember me) ! How are things going? :)

    28 Abr 7h46 Responder
  • LGatakan5

    lol u listen to girl music

    25 Abr 0h06 Responder
  • Pirateghost

    Ja det ska bli så jäkla grymt, är pepp som fan! Trodde dock det var ett skämt först, så oväntad bokning ju haha.

    4 Mar 18h33 Responder
  • RapeMajl

    nice charts and seen live list!

    21 Fev 20h26 Responder
  • RockSaurier

    Hi! All of the songs from my band KÜENRING (Heavy-, Speed- & Thrash-Metal) are now available as FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Grab this insane stuff!!! :D THE NAMELESS FALLEN (EP, 2013) DEATH AWAITS (EP, 2011)

    11 Fev 18h11 Responder
  • irongaby

    They were awesome! :D I really miss those things :( I need money hahaha

    9 Fev 0h00 Responder
  • irongaby

    I hopw so :) i saw Maiden, KISS, Megadeth, "Camilo Sesto", Opeth, Rhapsody and Stryper

    5 Fev 3h34 Responder
  • MusicMagic77

    Hello Niklas! Thanks for your response. First of all excuse me please, "Epithap" are not a Swedish band I recommended you in my previous shout, it was my mistake. About Kaipa: I have their discography somewhere in my external Hard Discs... Shame on me I didn't listened them yet but I'm sure I will listen them very soon. Cheers! Andy :-))

    3 Fev 17h19 Responder
  • MusicMagic77

    Hello Niklas, San Michael's listener! ( I also love Panta Rei, Nevärlläjf, Isildurs Bane, Epitaph, Janne Schaffer, Renhjärta and few other good old Swedish bands... ) Cheers from Hungary! Andy :D

    2 Fev 15h48 Responder
  • irongaby

    No. i haven't been in any since 2012 :(

    2 Fev 14h20 Responder
  • irongaby

    Hey! did you survive on 13th July ???

    24 Jan 1h45 Responder
  • rafaelwho

    Hello, passing here to wish you a prosperous new year to you and everyone around you! Much peace and health, that victories are achieved in the new year about to begin and continue with the good music! Happy Holidays!

    31 Dez 2013 Responder
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Sobre mim

Hey! My name is Niklas and i live in Uppsala Sweden, and chef is my profession. Say hello if you want to know more or just talk music. Btw please talk to me first before you send a friend request!

Things i love
Beautiful landscapes
Cooking and eating good food

Live list
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
King Diamond
Ozzy & Friends
Judas Priest
Saxon x3
Deep Purple
Manilla Road
Yngwie Malmsteen
Paul Di'anno
Abramis Brama
In Solitude x2
At The Gates
My Dying Bride
Obitaury x2
Entombed x2
Twisted Sister
Venom x2
Amon Amarth
Black Label Society
In Flames x3
Danger Danger
Electric Boys
Count Raven
Kreator x2
Accept x2
Ghost x2
Graveyard x4
Death Angel
Sky High
Hammerfall x2
Alice Cooper
Bullet x2
Status Quo
Voodoo Six
Dia Psalma
Dropkick Murphys
Sonata Arctica

Last.FM Milestones1111st track: (22 Jun 2009)
Heavy Load - Bleeding Streets
2222nd track: (04 Jul 2009)
Shining - Plågoande o'helga plågoande
3333rd track: (19 Jul 2009)
Rigor Mortis - Re-Animator
4444th track: (29 Jul 2009)
Merciless - Pure hate
5555th track: (09 Aug 2009)
My Dying Bride - Your River
6666th track: (23 Aug 2009)
Cornelis Vreeswijk - Balladen om båtsman Charlie Donovan
7777th track: (03 Sep 2009)
God Macabre - Ashes Of Mourning Life
8888th track: (16 Sep 2009)
Agalloch - The Isle of Summer
9999th track: (27 Sep 2009)
My Dying Bride - Dark Caress, The
11111st track: (09 Oct 2009)
Johnny Cash - Ghost Riders in the Sky
22222nd track: (06 Feb 2010)
Portrait - Village of the Fallen Angel
33333rd track: (27 Jul 2010)
Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock
44444th track: (27 Jan 2011)
Nature and Organisation - Blood of Solitude II
55555th track: (17 Aug 2011)
The Chasm - Manifest My Intervention
66666th track: (10 Mar 2012)
Manowar - Hail and Kill
77777th track: (20 Nov 2012)
November - Så svårt att lämna dig
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