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Fev 26 2012, 2h26

Hey all! So we've got a bot in the room now, well since about Christmas. She's @bestroomontt and collects stats for us, as well as spits out some useful information.

Is there a noob in the room? Type "/intro" and she'll post the link to a helpful guide

Really into a song being played? Type "/ro" or "/rockout"
Once that command is typed by 3 different people, she'll begin to bop her head and award the DJ a bonus point!

Some of the stats she collects are the top 10 most awesomed songs, as well as the top 10 most played songs.

This is what the standings were on February 1st, 2012

1. The Killing Tree - “Dressed to Fuck
2. The Dear Hunter - “Red Hands
3. With the Punches - “Burned at Both Ends
4. Defeater - “I Don’t Mind
5. Athletics - “August
6. Handguns - “I Hope He Kills You
7. Man Overboard - “Dear You
8. Athletics - “I Am Withdrawal
9. Moving Mountains - “Tired Tiger
10. Childish Gambino - “Heartbeat
11. Joyce Manor - “Constant Headache
12. The Starting Line - “Best Of Me

It's so much fun to see how much things have changed, in just 25 days!
The stats are stored at http://www.bestroomontt.com

She also keeps track of who played what on which day.

Disagree with the standings? Rep what you think should be up there by spinning it!

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