Charts Of The Year 2010


Dez 26 2010, 20h30

My Top30 Songs of 2010
Every Sunday I checked the most heard songs of the last 3 months and wrote down the 30 best...First place got 30 points, second place 29....30th got one point.

30. Nachdenklich by el dios (290 Points/Highest Rank: 1st)
first no.1 of the year...finished 11th in last years charts...slow chilly rap. nice.

29. Wherever U R by DJ Bersekx (307/6th)
first track of the new album...nice pitched voice and good melody...good for party

28. Du, Es Und Ich by Das Gezeichnete Ich (340/1st)
current no.1...for nine weeks now...catched my ear when first listening to it...the high voice is interesting

27. Schland o Schland by Uwu Lena (343/7th)
what should i say about it...besides lol...very good idea from plus lena...what a brilliant combination

26. All Out Of Love by DJ Bersekx (365/6th)
it's uncountable how often this track reentered the charts...always on the edge, but never dead...classic track with new features

25. Opa! by Giorgos Alkaios (382/2nd)
greek entry at eurovision...i laughed a lot, when they were on stage...really really strange track...but..haha nice

24. Tears Don't Lie '08 by DJ Bersekx (389/8th)
always a crowd favourite...this track is a real monster...just wiiiiiicked

23. Helele by Velile & Safri Duo (395/2nd)
for me the best football song of this year's world cup...safri duo is always brilliant...but velile made the track very special

22. Flash And Thunder by Mark 'Oh (395/1st)
no.1 for just one week...but it's the best song from the latest album..chilly and hard at the same time

21. Touch a New Day by Lena (408/3rd)
summer feeling...our beautiful lena is just magic...the video =D...a track which is very easy to listen to

20. When I Listen To Music by DJ Bersekx (420/7th)
no typical style but fucking nice voice...a song for dreaming...and weaving :P

19. Noch nicht müde by Jasper (421/5th)
how can a man with a guitar be so brilliant? i liked the beginning with the latte

18. Hot Air Balloon by Strawburry (430/2nd)
just a fast version of owl city's song...but i like it more...and the girl in the youtube video is cute *g*

17. Future's Features by DJ Bersekx (433/5th)
one place higher than last i said one year ago: a real burner

16. Bit A Bad Boy by Scooter (434/6th)
could finish nine places higher than before...i still don't know why i like the refrain...damn it's fascinating

15. Everybody by Rocco (439/2nd)
last year's vice-champion is still in 15th place...the melody is just awesome...that's how a dance track should be!

14. Losing Game by Martin Kesici (451/2nd)
a real power ballad..when you are angry/sad about someone...the sing this song and you feel better ;)

13. Unser Sommer by Jasper (460/3rd)
the rhymes are very cool and it's just a nice summer i don't hear it at winter...but the more at summer

12. Ti Sento by Scooter (477/1st)
lost two places...but always a candidate for the current charts...opera with dance/techno is really wicked and cool

11. I Just Want Your Kiss by Lena (487/3rd)
If she want it, she can get it you have to listen to this if you think lena is cute...this fits perfectly

10. Coming Home For Christmas by DJ Bersekx (492/1st)
of course a christmas track can't be missing :P....just to dream through the winter time...but really not boring

9. Wann by Jasper (560/2nd)
the text is strange and cool at the same time...but you can listen to it on never gets boring...a song with so much sense

8. Was kostet die Welt by Christian (572/1st)
don't we ask ourselves sometimes 'what does the world cost'?...i know this track for years...but 2010 was the most successful year..really nice

7. Come Clean by Master Blaster (597/2nd)
that's how a dance track should be....powerful, nice pitched voice...lovely

6. Icekalt by DJ Bersekx (655/2nd)
you can feel the strong winter in this song..that makes it so unique...powerful rhythm with some breaks at the right points

5. That Sounds Good To Me by Josh Dubovie (658/1st)
uk-entry at zero points there, but 658 first i didn't gave it points...but when listen to it again it got stucked in my head

4. Timeout by DJ Bersekx (734/1st)
the best outro much power, ticking clocks...dammit...beautiful

3. So lala by Jasper (738/2nd)
such a close fight for the podium...but this track deserves describes how i often feel ^^....

2. Zeitlos by Pretender vs. DJ Bersekx (1046/1st)
when rap and dance clash...a mighty track comes out..nice lyrics and nice female voice

1. Satellite by Lena (1091/1st)
what else could be track of the year...17 weeks on the throne...our lena is just awesome =D


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