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Jun 13 2009, 16h46

A TOP50 bands survey
By Zakh Thorne.

1. What would you say to number 2 band's members if you could? (Madina Lake)
That they really should come to Finland, asap. and then I'd probably say something stupid like "Omg, I loooooooooooooove youuuuuu, lets get married : >>"

2. Is there a song by 22 that never seems to get boring? (Kill Hannah)
I think... Race the Dream could be the one.

3. What do you think is special about number 18? (Avenged Sevenfold)
I think the voice of that singer is the thing to me

4. Is there a song by 41 that makes you hungry? :P(Kamelot)
I'm afraid no :<

5. What is your favorite album by 45? (Have Heart)
It must be The Things We Carry

6. What is your favorite band member from 15? (Pain)
Hmm. this is REALLY hard one.. It's really hard to choose between Peter Tägtgren and Peter Tägtgren.. I think I'd say .. Peter Tägtgren !

7. What is your favorite guitar solo (or any other instrumental part if the band doesn't use guitars) by 43? (Nocturnal Rites)
O_O...... hmmmmm........ I don't listen to them so much anymore so, I think I'll skip this one :D

8. What is your least favorite song by 13? (Children of Bodom)
Probably Follow the Reaper

9. Is there anything scary about number 50? (Twilight Guardians)
Their lasfm photo is creepying me

10. Is there a song by 6 that could describe your personality or character? (AFI)
Sad, but I think it's This Time Imperfect lyrics

11. What is the most important thing for which you like number 9? (Anal Thunder)
The lyrics :'D

12. What song do you think works as number 38's "face"? (Labyrinth)
Maybe Lady Lost in Time

13. What is the first song you've heard by 40? (Firewind)
Tomorrow Can Wait

14. Is there a song by 32 that helped you to make an important decision?(Ensiferum)
I'm afraid no

15. What is your favorite song NAME by 7? (Aiden)
The Dawn Breaking Tide

16. How did you discover number 39? (Disturbed)
My brother put Stricken To my mp3player and I listened it :p

17. What do you dislike about number 5? (Whispered)
They haven't released album yet. I'd love to listen them through my cd-player, and I will get bored to these four songs if nothing new comes soon.

18. What was the first song you've heard by 21? (The Starting Line)
I don't remember, but I think it was Hello Houston

19. Would you like to be a member of band number 16? (At Vance)
Oh yes please, guys if you ever need banjoplayer, please contact me !

20. Choose 3 currently favorite songs by 24. (The Ataris)
1)The Boys Of Summer
2)Unopened Letter to the World
3)My So Called Life

21. Why do you like number 10? (Midtown)
Their lyrics just hit's my moods : >

22. Any funny experience related with number 12? (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
Actually, there is :p I was riding my beloved bike and I was listening Ass Shaker and while listening I was singing without voice (like.. lipsync, you know). And then a fly flew right to my mouth and I made quite interesting noise ( something between a cough and a roar) And unfortunately I was just passing this old couple when this evil fly attacked and I somehow had managed to drop my headphones off from my ears to my neck so I heard when that old man started to explain to his friend "Oh, dear lord, did you hear, that girl growled to me ! Teenagers are so horrible nowadays"

23. What is your least favorite song by 35? (Dropkick Murphys)

24. Do you have any complaints for number 26? (Flogging Molly)
No, nothing :p

25. How many albums by 44 do you own? (Angels and Airwaves)
only one (We Dont Need To Whisper)

26. What is your favorite song by 20? (Rise Against)

27. Do you prefer melody or vocal by 30? (Angra)
For some reason, melody

28. Do you have any ideas for number 17 relating their music? (Anti-Flag)
Just keep doing same what you do now.

29. What is your favorite album artwork by 36? (Dark Moor)
Probably the one in Beyond the Sea

30. What is the most memorable experience you have related to number 4? (blink-182)
Maybe the memory of that happiness what I was experiencing whe I read about their comeback :)

31. What did you think about number 42 when you first heard them? (Wheatus)
"mmkay, This is perfect goodmood-music"

32. When did you discover number 8? (Stratovarius)
It was right after discovering Sonata so it was .... 2003-2004

33. What songs by 28 are masterpieces according to you? (Celesty)
Definately Power of Stones And Behind The Stars

34. Do you know anything interesting or unusual about number 4? (blink-182)
Nothing that just I would knew :D

35. Is there a song by 37 that makes you laugh? (HammerFall)
Not that I could remember

36. What is the most important song for you by 4? (blink-182)
First Date

37. What was the first song you really liked by 11? (Bullet for My Valentine)
Cries in Vain

38. Is there a song by 38 that you could describe as "bad, but very good"? (Labyrinth)
maybe.. I'm forced to say "No" again.

39. Have you ever seen number 7 live? (Aiden)
YESYESYESYESYESYES ! The only freaking band I've seen :p <3

40. What is the most memorable song for you by 31? (Dragonland)

41. What are the weirdest lyrics you know by 14? (+44)
Lycanthrope has pretty mixed lyrics :p

42. Is there an album by 3 which contains only great songs for you? (DragonForce)
Yeeeees, Inhuman Rampage definately is one.

43. What is your least favorite album artwork by 23? (Edguy)
YES !Rocket Ride is hidious to my eye ! :D

44. Is there a band that you think would make a great dual-band with number 19? Which and why? (Quietdrive)
HMM.. lemme think maybe The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus they are both great ( and play same kinda music) So together, they'll be Great x2 !

45. What are your favorite lyrics by 34? (Iron Fire)
more sure than sure it's in Bridges Will Burn

46. If you had to choose one album which number 1 would have to delete from their discography, which one would you choose? (Sonata Arctica)
I have to say Unia , only because it's the newest, and I don't have so strong emotionbond to this album than I have to other albums.

47. Is there a song by 25 that you always seem to hum in your mind? (Ripsipiirakka)
Yep, Prinsessa Ruusunen :p

48. What was the very first band and song you liked? Do you still listen to them now?
The VERY FIRST ( As I can remember) Was THIS :''DD I was four :p And unfortunately, I don't listen that anymore ;< Maybe I should..?

49. What is your favorite song of all time?
I refuse to answer. I just can't. It changes so often. So I say "..."

50. What is your favorite album of all time?
Maybe Reckoning Night <3

End of journal.


  • Selrisitai

    I do find it interesting that Inhuman Rampage was chosen over Sonic Firestorm AND Valley of the Damned, but still; there are some great gems in Inhuman Rampage. (Operation Ground and Pound, Through the Fire and Flames, Revolution Deathsquad, for instance)

    Dez 28 2009, 19h53
  • Berrniee

    Yes there definately is. And when you take a good look at the question itself it says "that only contains great songs" and I gotta admit that both Sonic Firestorm AND Valley Of The Damned has got couple songs that I really don't appreciate and howsoever, Inhuman Rampage hasn't got even one song I'd dislike :p that's why I chose it 8>

    Dez 29 2009, 20h34
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