• Katatonia working on new album

    Ago 26 2005, 16h20

    "Studio update" . September 5th 2oo5

    After a few needed breaks, including a kick ass visit at the Wacken festival with one of our side projects, we put ourselves under house arrest down the studio again. During these last weeks of early mornings and late nights, all the clean/lead guitars, loops, percussion and keyboards were finished. Currently, we're halfways through the last stage, recording vocals in studio B while the mix is running hot in studio A. It's taken all summer, but the most heavy, beautiful and professionally sounding album we've ever done is finally about to become full circle.

    "Bass session soon complete" . July 19th 2oo5

    Mattias is busy laying down the low frequency grooves and will wrap it up in a day or two. The shit sounds fukkin thunderous! Vocals and clean/lead guitars is next.

    "Guitar session continues" . July 14th 2oo5

    After a misty cold gig in Estonia and a melting hot gig in Greece, we're now back in the studio again to put down the last rhythm guitars. This weekend Mattias will come down and start recording bass and after that we'll continue with additional clean and lead guitars and also start the vocal session. Fascination Street has 2 studios, so we can work simultaneously at both while being at different stages of the recording process all thanks to that clever
    thing they call "clicktrack". The material is sounding very heavy already.

    "Drums finished. Rhythm guitars halfways done." . June 23rd 2oo5

    Daniel finished the drum takes two week ago on and did one helluva solid job on 14 songs all in all. He hits hard and precise so a fat and punchy sound came natural. Upon that, we took a little break and some of us got the chance to visit Swedenrock and Hultsfred festivals and enjoy the action there. Earlier this week we went back and twiddled amps and checked cabs and nailed a very heavy guitar sound. Rhythm guitars for half of the material has been done so far. Now, we're taking yet another break, celebrating "midsommarafton" - a swedish traditional weekend and then we're doing the Estonian and Greek gigs next week (check concert section for details). After that we'll be back to the crank and crunch.

    "Katatonia enters studio, recording begins" . June 2nd 2oo5

    We have now entered Fascination Street studio located in the outskirts of Örebro, Sweden. This is the same studio as 'Viva Emptiness' was mixed in last time. Currently, it's clicktrack mode and drum takes at all hours. Songtitles, album title and final track listing to be revealed in a future update, so keep checking back as we'll give you a report + pics on the progress as we move along!