wicked night


Mar 16 2012, 19h39

Wed 14 Mar – (Hed) Planet Earth, Silent Descent, the spindle sect gonna start my review by saying this was one of the best gigs I have been to ever atmosphere wise, people moved for people, no fights or arguements or people moaning so all good

Silent Descent - Silent Descent for me were a bit of a letdown, the music and guitars were great but the vocals could have been a bit louder, blame the soundman on that one but the band themselves remind me of a drum n bass version of lamb of god, metal and d'n'b 6/10

Spindle Sect - sounding a bit like Bionic jive with a twist of Kottonmouth Kings this band had a good rhythm and flow to the music and vocals, 2 singers one being the hype man in style and the other singing in a reggae style with some awesome lyrics, would definately see them again 9/10

Hed P.E - proving once again you don't need to be a commercial band to be brilliant, started with my favourite Hed song "Sophia" they kicked arse with their mix of reggae, punk and rock, even throwing in a couple of Bob Marley covers that got the crowd together in unity, absolutely amazing - 10/10


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