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Jun 19 2006, 15h01

Hello Popeyes and of course, Popears.

Just a quite hello and howdy christmas to the few people who stumble upon this - my tiny word spackle buried thankfully under this wonderful enclave of digital audio recording data (incorporating 'song data was unsubmitted due to tagging faults' message centre!!!! LOLF RMOA! KLF!!!!)

I'm still running the old 'blog' style blog over at - why not come check it out, check me out and then FUCK OFF BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM, GYPEYES.

Ahem. Sorry. I drink quite a lot of Gaviscon.

Thinking of doing an "Actual Guilty Pleasures" CD some time, full of deeply unfashionable (or just plain unheard of) but lovely pop rocky acts (mostly from the mid 90's) that keep sneaking back onto my mp3 player -a few ideas follow.

Kenickie - "Killing Fantasy",
Carter USM - "Especially 4 U",
Midget - "Optimism",
Symposium - "Disappear",
Silver Sun - "Trickle Down",
Radish - "Little Pink Stars",
China Drum - "All I Wanna Be",
Honeycrack - "Go Away",
Carrie - "Caring Sharing Song",
Ultrasound - "Kurt Russell",
Cecil - "Hostage In A Frock",
Northern Uproar - "From A Window",
Kerbdog - "Mexican Wave",
Chicks - "Let Me Go"

- and many ecteras. Any ideas from you cats that would fit with this goregous compilation? You know you want it. Let the Carrie dribble down your chin. Mmmm....David Devant-y.


  • BenOrdinary

    She just presented the first episode of the dire music show Transmission on Friday on Channel 4. It would probably be ok if they didnt try to fill it with loads of 'alternative music lol' comedy shit. It'd improve immeasurably by being put out at 6pm so they had to actually think of jokes, as well as providing some much need quality pops pre-going out. Oh and saw Ms L play live at the Leeds Festival in 2000. It was unbearably exciting and still makes me do giddy noises. I am a 25 year old heterosexual man with a man's beard and everything. But just thinking about that gig....

    Jun 19 2006, 18h29
  • tom_dissonance

    wowee. i love Lauren so much. and Kenickie were just ultimately fabulous. other of those tracks that made me think wow! include: Chicks! that Ultrasound one! 'Little Pink Stars' (surely one of the best ever songs)! ace.

    Jul 1 2006, 12h32
  • BenOrdinary

    I did do two of these compilations for the Oink torrent site in the end and they seem to have gone down pretty well. The first one was.... 1. Baby Chaos - Hello 2. Helen Love - Long Live The UK Music Scene 3. 3 Colours Red - Nuclear Holiday 4. Silver Sun - Trickle Down 5. Honeycrack - Go Away 6. Kenickie - Killing Fantasy (Peel Session) 7. Llama Farmers - Jessica 8. Scarfo - Cosmonaut No. 7 (Remix) 9. Spearmint - We're Going Out 10. Radish - Little Pink Stars 11. Go Kart Mozart - We're Selfish And Lazy And Greedy 12. Symposium - Disappear 13. Dweeb - Regulation B-Side 14. Libido - Overthrown 15. China Drum - All I Wanna Be 16. Bis - Action And Drama 17. Clam Abuse - She's So Taboo 18. Hillman Minx - I've Had Enough 19. Carrie - Caring Sharing Song 20. Midget - Optimism Its an obscure treasure trove of lovely. Cheers for the message (extra points for the Chauncey avatar). B

    Jul 2 2006, 10h44
  • sirgavalot

    i'm so utterly impressed that anyone still listens to any of those bands! carrie are (were?) one of my favourites. did you by any chance buy a compilation back in '97 called Danger Zone? i ask only because it has a number of those song on it

    Jul 19 2006, 22h46
  • BenOrdinary

    I didnt, actually. All of the songs were taken from my own singles and albums. I've always been an obsessive music buyer / downloader. I still like lots of new music and the like, but it was nice to make those compilations and relive a few tiny memories. Saw Carrie twice. Once supporting Feeder in 1997 (along with Everclear) and at a free festival in Leeds the following year where the lead singer kept getting his knob out which really nobody needed to see. Not THAT many times, anyway...

    Jul 21 2006, 10h35
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