My Favorite Nirvana Lines


Dez 20 2010, 5h27

I really think Kurt had a way with words. It's funny how he would sometimes write about mundane and boring things, but sing them in a way that made them feel significant and special. People tend to interpret songs based on how they feel or their own experiences, but that's part of the what makes music great. My favorite lines are made me think, made me want to sing along, or were just cool-sounding.

"Beat me outta me"
This line is from the song Aneurysm. It is a song based on one of Kurt's ex-girlfriends.

"Afraid of never knowing fear"
This is what makes Lounge Act one of my favorite Nirvana songs. This is such a great contradiction.

"Love you so much it makes me sick"
This is another one from Aneurysm. I like to think of how heartbreak can literally make you feel sick and how how people often feel mad at themselves for falling in love.

"You're in high school again"
You would not expect a reference to School in hear because it barely has any lyrics. I think this line expresses how we feel when we move on from one point in our lives and still find ourselves dealing with the same problems in the next stage.

"If you ever need anything please don't,
hesitate to ask someone else first"

I just love how he leads you in one direction, and then takes you in another. This, plus the awesome guitar effects, makes me love Very Ape.

"I'm so tired I can't sleep"
Just an amazing line. It's completely contradictory, but it is so easy to identify it. Things like this make Pennyroyal Tea one of Nirvana's greatest songs.

"Rather be dead than cool"
It's kind of chilling to hear a line like this (which was recorded before Nirvana was cool). The back and forth with the lyrics in Stay Away really make this song stand out. I imagine it as the internal dialog of somebody slipping into madness.

"What the hell I'm tryin' to say"
This line from On a Plain is one of the many times Kurt just literally injects what he is thinking at the time. This kind of thing is essentially breaking character, but it makes it easier for listener's to identify with him.

"All in all is all we are"
I really don't have an idea of what this line from All Apologies really means. It's just always stuck with me for some reason.

"What is wrong with me?"
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter is another song I absolutely love. I love this line because it's a question I ask myself all the time. I see it as asking yourself why your actions, thoughts, etc. don't seem to match the norm.


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    thanks mate, nice read =)

    Mar 25 2011, 2h58
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