• A Short Word Poem

    Jan 16 2011, 3h27

    Words are spoken to be broken
    Sing Depeche Mode
    I will tell you once forever
    They are in the wrong

    Words are spoken, not a token
    Listen young and old,
    No matter if you`re coward, phlegm or bold

    Words are spoken on purpose,
    Words are here TO BE TOLD!!

    And those who sing against the words
    There`s one thing they should know :
    Words provide the air and space

    And those who sing against the words-
    They are COMMONPLACE!!!

    written by Veselin Kuburovic on January, 16th 2011 4.05 am
    Copyright: Veselin Kuburovic
    Veselin Kuburovic
  • Belcanto In A Wonderland

    Set 3 2010, 12h23

    Belcanto In The Wonderland
    Is Changing theam
    to figth the song "Love Supreme"Veselin Kuburovic

    Out 14 2009, 23h16

    Welcome aboard to BELCANTO IN THE SPACE which is art name for me
    One Belcanto
    Crazy Belcanto
    The only one BelcantoInTheSp. Much of music of BITS is here on the but people do not know about
    it and should know. Come on people .Try this music.

    OCTOBER 15th CentralEuropeanTimeVeselin Kuburovic