Lips album leak


Fev 11 2006, 14h47

The new Flaming Lips album (At The War With The Mystics). But I'm only going to download one song. Or two..then delete the rest. Seriously. Yes, I told myself I wouldn't download any of it when I found out it had leaked and yes, I only managed to hold out for five minutes. But I swear when it's downloaded I'll keep The Yeah Yeah Yeah song and that Pompeii one and delete the rest.

Damn teh internetz.


  • Excel-2

    I'll probably just download all of them. I'll buy it, though :o

    Fev 11 2006, 15h11
  • BurDude

    It'sreallyawesomeohmygod!!! Now try to resist the temptation.

    Fev 11 2006, 15h18
  • BeenInsane

    I'll end up buying every incarnation of it like the obsessive fangirl I am. Maybe I'm I'm just trying to prove I have some inkling of self control. So instead I'm just downloading _everything_ off the lips FTP to compensate. I'm listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah song now: words are failing me in an attempt to describe it..

    Fev 11 2006, 15h27
  • TehSquid

    !!! Thanks for the info, I had no idea.

    Fev 11 2006, 19h42
  • LarryzOrz

    Is this ferserious? o.O Hot damn, everyone is getting leaked.

    Fev 11 2006, 20h36
  • mrkpwnz

    **cough, my thread, cough**[/utl]

    Fev 12 2006, 4h13
  • mrkpwnz

    utl? uh

    Fev 12 2006, 4h13
  • onaj_kojeg_nema

    oh yes.. all my friends are listening to new album... not me. i promised myself not to download any song from the incoming album. i've only heard that single (the wand) and it's fabulous... (and of course, mr ambulance driver.. got it on VOID) can't wait to hear the others. and today i got a great information that the album will be available here in croatia on the release date... and that's big deal.. cause it's fuckin croatia.. yoopieeee!!!

    Fev 21 2006, 2h07
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