• All Hope Is Gone World Tour 27/10/2008

    Out 27 2008, 15h45

    Mon 27 Oct – All Hope Is Gone World Tour
    Setlist: Intro, Surfacing, The Blister Exists, Get This, Before I Forget, Liberate, Disasterpiece, Dead Memories, Psychosocial,The Heretic Anthem, Prosthetics, Spit It Out, Duality, Only One, People=Shit, (sic)

    (correct me if im wrong)

    Machinehead: Heavy, entertaining, arrived during old, enjoyed what I heard.

    Slipknot: After Machine head had finished it was 9 o’clock. The time was passing slowly between sets, at least for me, the roadies did… well what roadies do fart around with the instruments. But Finally the moment arrived at 9.36pm. The Slipknot intro music started filling Rod Laver as an impromptu chant of Slipknot! Slipknot! went up it was time!

    Boom!! First song, obviously to get everyone moving was Surfacing! As Surfacing finished The Blister Exists started and everyone seemed to know this one, it is one of the stronger songs on the volume 3 album. A brief introduction was next before Corey announced the next song would set the tone for the night it was the paean Before I Forget, This seemed to be a crowd favorite that everyone knew. The fans seemed to be a mix of old and new from the younger teenagers to older mid 20’s guy. And some smelly guy 30+ in a wife beater than somehow ended up near me.

    Liberate was next and it was good to see the self titled album was still being repped, another oldie followed disasterpiece off Iowa. At some point Corey thanked the fans generously for their contributions in making Volume 3 platinum and All Hope Is Gone gold explaining how much it meant to the band.

    Dead Memories and Pyschosocial were next and particularly well received by the younger crowd. It became apparent to me in these two songs just how amazing Corey Taylor’s clean vocals really are.

    Heretic anthem was well received, Prosthetics seemed a lil less known.

    Next was SPIT IT OUT probably my favorite song of the night it seemed like everyone knew the words or maybe it was just me yelling them but this song made the night for me.

    The song with the most crowd participation was next, Duality, which was sung loud and proud, followed by the unusual choice of Only One….

    There was then an encore…….............................................................................................

    People=Shit was blasted next, another brutal energizing song from the brilliant Iowa album and the band concluded with (sic) a bit unusual I thought.

    Ultimately I think the concert was good, they could have perhaps played for 15-30 minutes longer, the high energy and exertion must take its toll though. The rising drums of the percussionists and Joeys rising and rotating drum kit at the end of (sic) was an amazing highlight that made one appreciate Slipknot bringing out their full show to Australia.

    The setlist is what disappointed me. I was hoping to hear a lot of unusual stuff while going to see Slipknot on their own, stuff like: The Nameless, Gently, I Am Hated, Left Behind, Vermilion, My Plague, and perhaps the most controversial omission was no Wait and Bleed.

    Solid concert worth the money. A great crowd number for a Mental Metal Monday.
  • Death Magnetic Review

    Set 3 2008, 2h01

    Well I’ve been looking forward to this album for a very long time now.
    And I’m finally sitting here now, on my second listen and trying to digest it all.

    The opening notes of “That Was Just Your Life” heighten the suspense to just about boiling point as you try to figure out if this album will be any good. Around a minute in you start to think this is not too bad… and then as the song really starts to kick in you find yourself head banging and thinking wow this is quite the crazy metal song. Lyrics are spat out in the verses oldschool style which starts to get your hopes up and the pre-chorus and the chorus very much impress.

    For two reasons this song sounds good: it’s metal. but still reasonably catching, And you can tell from this song alone Jaymz has reclaimed a desirable voice. The song is an early statement of what you’ll find on the rest of this album predominantly metal, with some nice melodies and vocals thrown in.
    Matt Sorum of Guns N’sRoses was not joking when he mentioned crazy tempo changes and speed, it is quite noticeable and if we look at ‘One; and ‘And Justice For All’ it can be seen these tempos changes are a part of many a good Metallica song.

    The End Of The Line is going to send some moshpits crazy. At around 00.44 sec is a very cool riff to move too. The song is a mix of metal riffs with a catchy load era sounding riff used throughout the song. The lyrics are fast and spat with a genuine anger and menace.

    It’s hard to describe these songs accurately as they are all mostly 7minutes+ with the longest coming in at 10 minutes, With many tempo changes, unexpected bits and just genuine unpredictability. Many songs go into 4-5 directions and achieve all satisfyingly.

    The End of The Line features a fast an upbeat solo also, and in another surprising turn we have a clean break down at around 6.30, which leads into a heavy section with alternate lyrics, before going to back to the catchy riff and concluding! These songs are epic sounding I'll tell you!

    Broken Beat And Scarred is a song that would not exist if the band had not gone back to Jaymz predominantly writing the lyrics. As some of the lyrics deal with a lot of things he is or has gone through “what don’t kill you make you more strong” “show your scars”. I’ll also make note that I find the drumming very enjoyable in this track. The solo is also enjoyable, vintage Metallica. Any Metallica fan could tell this is Kirk Hammet’s solo within a few seconds of listening to it.

    The fourth song, The Day That Never Comes has been released for a while now. Has a great video, has great vocals, has strong lyrics, and has a great melody. This song really achieves Rick Rubin’s aim of getting Metallica to sound like Metallica, because everything from the opening notes to the solos and riffage for the last 4 minutes or so you associate with Metallica.

    All Nightmare Long: We Have Bass! We also have a very fast thrash metal sounding kind of a song with an unfortunate title. This is one of my favorites at this point “Cos we Hunt you down without mercy, Hunt you down All Nightmare Long” hoping those lyrics are right… but I’m predicting those words will be stuck in a few heads after listening to this song. A catchy chorus a fast and heavy song, A reasonably long and psychedelic solo, other than the title Id find it hard to criticize this song.

    Cyanide: is next probably my least favorite, it is reasonably catchy has a nice chorus, nice use of bass (we notice this because there has been a distinct lack of bass in previous releases) and um yeah the chorus is good, the pre chorus a lil disjointed still better than st anger.

    The Unforgiven 3: I'm a big fan something very different, Can’t recall much piano happening in Metallica before but combined with the string section it sets the scene for the moody and unexpected song. I must admit when the vocals kick in at 1.36 it does give me a little surprise, a pleasant one.

    The song’s chorus is clean and quite powerful, the verses feature distorted guitar in which the tie to its namesakes is apparent, the tie is also apparent in the solo. Id rate the solo better than that of the other two, the chorus in Unforgiven one is still better though in my opinion. In the matter of Unforgiven 2vs3 is a tough one… at this moment three wins. It’s just more accomplished.

    The Judas Kiss announces itself and grabs your attention early. Before going into an unusual but cool main riff. This song is another one on the heavy side and further indicates that the ‘metal’ in Metallica is well and truly back. People may remember this song from the first trailer on Mission Metallica the “Bow down sell your soul to me, I will set you free”. Well that is this song, and it sounds a lot better in mp3 than it did in the video clip. It has a similar structure to a lot of the other songs on the album which is:

    Reasonably long intro, a verse, a pre-chorus, a chorus, another verse, another chorus and a anything from a bridge to an interlude to a crazy solo … its all there I get lost in the song structures after that.

    Suicide and Redemption: Instrumental, 10 minutes long, a nice groove, has changed direction 5 or 6 times so far and features a few nice melodies and cool solos, Kirk is making up for no solos in St Anger in this song, and really letting loose.

    My Apocalypse: Another product of Jaymz’s writing again, shortest song, one of the coolest riffs in my opinion. The song reminds one of battery and damage inc but… um in 2008. Not many bands really make songs like this. “Into the crypt total eclipse” Is quite catchy this song gets better for me with every listen.

    -Anything you expect won’t happen. You expect solo? You get heavy riffage, you expect riffage? You get clean breakdown. You expect clean verse and heavy chorus… you get opposite.
    -Guitar solos back with force.
    -Fast lyrics and heavy fast riffing.
    -Anger lots of it.
    -Much better than St Anger.
    -The album comes in at something like 80 minutes.
    Is a return to metal, standard tuning, and better songs from Metallica
    -Its not very radio friendly other than the first single. The songs are just to heavy and long. Not that this even bothers me some may be wondering though if there is any possibly radio hits.
    -Good singing and standard tuning
    -Get out your guitar, prepare for an assault of heavy infection riffage (I know that’s not a word but it is in this journal)
    -I’m enjoying and am looking foreword to it growing on me even more. Metal music often takes numerous listening to understand and enjoy

    MetallicaMegadethIron MaidenBlack SabbathAvenged SevenfoldPanteraOzzy OsbourneJudas PriestVan HalenGuns N' RosesColdplayRadioheadFall Out BoyMotorheadKissVenomDream TheaterMotley CrueRammsteinIced EarthBlack SabbathOpethMegadethAnthraxToolDream Theatre[Enter SandmanNothing Else MattersThe Unforgiven 1The Unforgiven 2LoadDeath MagneticReloadSt AngerRide the LightningAnd Justice For AllThe Black AlbumKill Em AllGarage IncThat was just you lifeThe End of the LineBroken, Beat & ScarredThe Day That Never ComesAll Nightmare LongCyanideTHE UNFORGIVEN 3The Judas KissWarner BrothersSuicide & RedemptionMy Apocolypse
  • Johnny Cash- a little rambling

    Jul 8 2008, 13h27

    Johnny Cash

    Cannot wait to read the bio, absolutely amazing songwriter and person. There is much to respect from his songwriting prowess to the deep distinctive voice to the deep and brooding songs that resonate with myself and so many people around the world.

    He is a person who embody s punk well before punk as know it was invented. The country fan owns his record, the punk fan owns his record and perhaps maybe after Glastonbury 1994 the rock fan owns his record. A truly inspirational person and one of the most significant music figures of all time. The way he reinvented himself throughout the 90's a metaphor for life. The way dignity in which he carried himself inspirational.

    I have much respect and admiration for 'The Man In Black' RIP

    “You've got to know your limitations. I don't know what your limitations are. I found out what mine were when I was twelve. I found out that there weren't too many limitations, if I did it my way.”
  • The Weight of Expectation on Metallica

    Jun 4 2008, 2h57

    IS HUGE.

    The new album better be fucking good. Or i'll be pissed off I already have some slight reservations about Jaymz's voice these days... I think its mostly the end of the tour when his vocals become a lil well...not so good. While fresh and playing a handful of shows though it sounds fucking rad.

    The clips of the new songs Ive heard so far have been positive tha "Suicide Ive already died, your just the fuel ive been waiting for" sounded strong.

    The bass riff was decent... not great in my opinion. The other snippets sounded remarkably more METAL than anything new ive heard from Metallica in a while.

    Ive also been downloading and listening to the recent bootlegs of Metallica, sounding good live, good to see some load and reload material back in my set too. Load and Reload are both good albums in my opinion and contain some of my favorite songs, such as King Nothing & Unforgiven two.

    In conclusion, things are promising very promising, hopefully the quality of the album lives up to expectations of all fans fans.

    I really cant be bothered writing anymore, Metallica = the best.

    The fact that they have sold the second most material since 2000 only behind the beatles is quite remarkable.. for a metal band! They should be higher up in the chart on this site.

    Oh and if anyone read this its interesting to note Metallica have sold more since 2000 than Radiohead and also more cumulative sales:

    Im responding to the masses of people with some sort item up their behind that think Radiohead can hold a candle to Metallica. The fact is they don't have the sales and well Radiohead are boring, pretentious, self-indulgent know it alls who had the ocassional good rock song back in the day before they started fooling around with machines and alienating fans anyway im done hanging shit on them now.

    Metallica good
    Radiohad badmetallica,radioheadMetallicaRadioheadmetallica new albumEMImetallica, radiohead, new album, random crap
  • where did those 6,000 go?

    Abr 29 2008, 6h27

    I dont know lol but i have 6,000 less tracks now. in other news

    against me Saturday, should be good new wave is a nice good full album for a change no skipping tracks.

    CANNOT wait for metallicas new album apparently its meant to be in the more thrash metal direction which is interesting, as long as the production isnt as poor as st anger, I which they should just fucking tune their guitars to standard I don't really like songs like master of puppets half a step down, James should just learn how to sing it like the old days!

    Well enough bitching I got some metallica bootlegs from the 07 shows and they sound fucking great so their is a positive.

    Worked at dj tiesto the other weekend, safe to say I hate trance even more now, what the fuck is that shit, that constant thud thud its gay thats what it is, i just thank god I didn't have a headache or something because listen to that music with a headache would be hell on earth.

    um trying to think of something else to say lol
    nothing else much is happening musically, im getting a new guitar soon fuck yeh for that.

    Oh and im working at a7x, atreyu's new one is ok there a bit to gay and emo and just annoying sad fucks for me but, BFMV have some pretty decent material but I cant wait to see a7x! there new albums is one of my absolute favorites as re their others love it!

    In a totally unrelated rambling Jimmy Barnes has a new book should some interesting shit in there id say :)
    and by the way Jimmy Barnes solo album is really cool! but different but cool!

    in more ramblings how good are the pigeon detectives had to listen that album like 5 times a day for two weeks at shock and then when I complained it was never going to go off grr rlol, but quite like them,21598,23603972-5005383,00.html
    oh and :

  • 50, 000 + Update

    Fev 10 2008, 7h31

    I cant really be fucked but:

    -yay for 50,000

    -Nay I cant remove John Denver

    Sooner or later, probably later, Im actually going to do a good journal listening every live band ive seen, and rating them based on my own opinion. Oh and Ive seen absolute fuckloads, and almost all mny favourites.

    Recent downloads
    New simple plan
    U2 golden unplugged
    Bob Dylan + Johnny Cash
    Bob Dylan Before the Flood
    Pearl Jam story tellers
    Faith No More live at festy hall lol

    Ive been using soulseek, Its good purely for the fact you can find QUALITY live tracks, that simply arnt in circulation anywhere else. Sticking to torrents for full albums.

    This simple plan is album is a touch lame, its so obviousely aimed at teens and kiddies, the song 'your love is a lie' is decent but.

    In other cool news have a bout 90 gig of music now, started off on this thing with like 8.... *freak* haha

    and yeh, I looked the other day and Ive basically seen all my top artists, EXCEPT rammstein fucking killing for them to tour!!

    Recently saw Maiden never thought that would happen to be honest, If i find cash Il shall be seeing millencolin also.

    Anyway that about wraps it up :).

    My isproggler thing is uninstalled, it never scrobbled any songs for some reason, and since I always click next with like 5 seconds left before the song finished, what I was listening to never got onto my profile anyway.

    EDIT: This simple plan is ok, but it sounds like they are trying to make 'hits' possibly pressured by a record company, and the moment you start trying to make 'hits' or trying to make songs to appease the record company or other, your credibility goes out the door

    Jun 23 2007, 9h35

  • Boom Boom Back

    Dez 16 2006, 12h05

    Tracks went up by. 10,000 cant remember the stuff ive listened to over the last month.

    lots of oasis, rammstein and rise against im tiping

    Noel gallagher besides his big mouth is a very good guitarist. He talks so much shit its funny but on the other end of the scales oasis's song are so good and his guitar bits are awsome

    Oasis= band of the moment.

    There in town recently to do there acoustic stuff, that does interest me oh though when they come back as full i think il go see em this time round, i been listening to lotsa of older punk too, and getting into the acoustic seen alot more

    << THE CLASH >> :)

    Out 9 2006, 4h15

    Not all the John Denver PLays are mine

    Maybe 1/4. I try to remove ass mnay as i can
  • Disappointing

    Set 10 2006, 12h01

    I have tones of tracks under various, none of which i can be bothed changing it now appears they are not submitted, cant i have an artist called various!

    Sort of annoying