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  • LuxDel

    lmao im like, the bestest ever, i write like the Greeks. thats 121 hits off ZERO self promotion, im beyonce. just. please. dont put illmatic at number 1, it's not a rule >_<

    17 Jun 5h09 Responder
  • LuxDel

    well damn i want like 30 of those cents, my reviews are still on der :o gimme my 30 cents u money whore. congrats doe, i truly hope you can get something out of it, writing reviews is fun when u give a fuck about what ur reviewing, get $ for it too would be amazing. fucking War Report is top 50 at least btw awful mistake >:c

    17 Jun 3h22 Responder
  • LuxDel

    wtf did you compile the list on your own? fuck you better bring something dope and fresh and good for your top 10, yea im putting all pressure on you, im expecting high standards and impeccable choices..srs.. :o

    16 Jun 7h22 Responder
  • LuxDel

    k ._. i'd rather hassle you to get a job doe. what kind of work are u going for?

    12 Jun 9h29 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lol forget my About Me, there is no sense in anything i put up there. its not a bad album. just too many tracks that i don't particularly like, and ive got so much material from gibbs that i doubt i need to come back to Pinata save for Thuggin, Real and Harold's. are u intending to listen to it?

    28 Abr 2h12 Responder
  • LuxDel

    i liked it. um. lol, i actually think it's pretty weak. i dont think he fits madlibs style. i like him over southern beats. or smoked out beats. Thuggin' is still a flawless song tho.

    27 Abr 7h14 Responder
  • LuxDel

    i don't get high anymore. weed doesn't count ^_^ and nah, just some interhuman shit stressing me out lolol, it''ll resolve.

    6 Mar 5h03 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lmao dat shout i left v some of it is clearly projection of my own shit I'm dealing with rite now, onto you. sorry bout that ^_^ yeah man do whatever. it's up to you lol, im just saying. lol i'm stoned :333 i don't want you to invest your time and care into her that much...and not get the ass too, i want you to get ass lmao! don't u want ass Ryan!? A$$ A$$ A$$

    6 Mar 1h23 Responder
  • LuxDel

    no major developments huh. lol a good sign for what? to be her friend? do more and demand more! because once she is off the hook with all that legal shit, she is going to want chill and celebrate. and you want her to think of you, not whoever she was fucking with prior. that is if you're still into her like that. lol guys crack me up, they always complain about girls not liking the nice guys, well maybe the nice guys shouldn't be so nice all of the fucking time. she's not going to want you if she already has you.

    5 Mar 9h27 Responder
  • LuxDel

    im very well c: everything is sweet. wut you been up to? what happened with dat girl??

    2 Mar 0h14 Responder
  • LuxDel

    i think it's cool that it got cancelled c:

    10 Fev 9h31 Responder
  • LuxDel

    nah fuck all that lol. he's just a fat trigger-happy cunt. that whole race angle wasn't even an issue but your media and shit made it the issue. the issue is that this dude stalked another person and then ran up on them, the person reacted, and got killed. like, is that not clear? who gives a fuck if the victim was black, you don't go around stalking strangers, then get to shoot them if they question wtf you're doing following them?? some fucking complete stranger is following you at night lol, who wouldn't be on guard and hype and be prepped to have a confrontation? so much fail with that case.

    6 Fev 17h55 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lol i disagree with all a that. it's just vulgar. who cares if he's ridiculed? this is just a distraction from his crime. now instead of being a murderer who walked free, he is this boxer giving back to charity, footnotes he is not worthy of. disgusting really. metaphorical victory sounds like a cheap consolation to me. but the issue is so much fucking more than what im capable of understanding, i think he's really just a fat fuck who deserves to get tossed up over and over until he kills himself. or, ya know, retried for murder and sentenced correctly >_>

    6 Fev 4h59 Responder
  • LuxDel

    wtf Ryan no, why are you guys letting this fool have any type of recognition, he should be banished to obscurity, he is merely a man who killed a child, why does he get so much fucking attention ugh, I'm confused with your country almost every day. and DMX is not a shoe-in to beat his ass, DMX is king dust head, would not be surprised if he gets his ass handed to him. Should have been 50 Cent, if any rapper was going to fight him -_-

    6 Fev 3h03 Responder
  • LuxDel

    luv how u articulate on albums, gunna get me some self-respect and grab Resurrection ^_^

    5 Fev 14h02 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lol I haven't! I've run thru Be, but I just don't like himmmm, he's bland to me! I was trying to find one of his albums that maybe resonate with my tastes but looks like he doesn't have one, unless you think differently? Does he in fact, have a gully-boom-bap-esque album in his discog?

    5 Fev 7h02 Responder
  • LuxDel

    loool u be knowing every facet of her life :3 u likey like her! like likey like, not just like ^.^ sororities sound dumb. no prob with that Gotham, are you going to grab remastered Cold Vein? Lol, did it even need remastering o_O

    2 Fev 9h06 Responder
  • LuxDel

    lol sorry bout lateness, Gotham link is in your inbox. that fuckin sucks about your future gf, everyone dropped her? why?? such shallow people. sounds like you got it under control tho, take her for something sweet.

    2 Fev 1h07 Responder
  • LuxDel

    Excuse me the Gotham thing is an LP! anyways, if you want a link, tell me. Lol @ Wonderbread, which track is that, can't remember cuz I only listened to Old like twice and recycled it >_> Has you warmed up to it? i know about supermarket adventures tho, first time i ever had shrooms in my life it hit me in the middle of a busy supermarket lmao, so fucked up. have u talked to that wild chick yet??

    28 Jan 8h43 Responder
  • LuxDel

    yeah they dropped an album called Gotham and a remastered Cold Vein. maybe Gotham is a rehash? here's the tracklist for Gotham and I think we have Wonder Bread, but I buy Tip Top ^.^ why?

    28 Jan 6h12 Responder
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