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Dez 21 2008, 18h15

It is well known advertising on the internet doesn't work. We don't need supporting graphs or Nielsen studies to know that. We know from using it. We might glance over an ad on a page in the same way we might notice leaves on the ground. Detritus, nothing more.

Advertisers are in despair. Not being normal human beings, they have no idea how to reach us in a way that will work. So the latest thing they're considering are auditory ads, i.e. advertisements that will interrupt your listening pleasure.

Spotify already uses them. For the moment, they are restricted to one ad per album or thereabouts. There is just the one advertisement at a time, with no background music or too much extra noise, just the announcement of the product.

At first, I was freaked out. Having been a sole user of for just over three years, I am used to listening to what I want, when I want, uninterrupted. A freaky disembodied voice with no background music telling me about some product came as a shock.

But now, a few weeks down the line, I'm used to them. The one ad I've heard in the last hour didn't freak me out so much. I feel it won't be long before I tune it out. After all, it's not like I didn't grow up listening to commercial radio. What? They think I was born yesterday?? I see.

As products of the 20th/21st centuries, we are sophisticated enough to be immune to advertising. The harder they try, the less we notice. It could be that maybe they should revert to old-fashioned advertising pre-1950s - "Buy X! You won't regret it!" (hold product aloft, point, cheesy grin) - and leave it at that.

As consumers, our lives are littered. We are so used to multi-tasking and successfully dividing our attention, it is rare for us to focus on just the one thing. For example right now, my mobile phone is on and ready, I am logged in for emails, I am listening to music, my television is on as I am recording something to DVD, and I'm looking at the Sunday papers. How much of my attention is going to be solely focused on an advert for something I am not interested in?

And there's the rub. If I'm not interested, I am not going to look. If I am, I will go searching. And when I do, I will never, ever, click on a Google sponsored ad. You don't do that. Scroll down and click a normal one. The internet was always meant to be ours, but we spend less time on older media forms and advertisers would monetise fresh air if they could. They're trying to monetise where we are. Internet businesses need advertising money if they are to provide 'free' services. What used to be ours comes with a pricelist now.

Should auditory ads become the next big thing, we will have nothing more than commercial radio on our hands. So there will be a need for two things: ad-free listening, and another internet. They're ruining this one!

Don't know what the chances of another internet are. Actually, I might be on to something. Apparently, the internet does have a shelf life. At some point, the very things that make up the internet will run out. There will be no more room for expansion. So we'll have to have a new one. Someone start it now. I'll join.

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  • zinc_ukfr

    [quote]Advertisers are in despair. Not being normal human beings, they have no idea how to reach us in a way that will work. So the latest thing they're considering are auditory ads, i.e. advertisements that will interrupt your listening pleasure.[/quote] Erm, not quite. Have you never listened to the radio? I realise you are talking about t'internet, but all those ads that play over the wireless also play over the net. I actually don't mind the ads from spotify, as compared to the radio they're nothing, so if anything it's just like a 'delux' radio, 95% of ads, plus djs taken out and music we actually choose to listen to. It seems like a no brainer to me, if it allows song to play straight from another, rather than having to select them one by one as with

    Dez 22 2008, 0h02
  • EnnuiClip

    Ads (and DJs as zinc mentioned above) are the very reasons; other than having generally awful radio stations around, that I haven't listened in years. If we are to be bombarded by increasingly obnoxious forms of advertising I can only hope they are a bit relevant and perhaps even clever, if not mercifully brief and simple. I wouldn't watch TV either if not for tivo.

    Dez 23 2008, 15h44
  • Babs_05

    I know what you mean, I couldn't live without Sky+ now either (rewind live tv, pause etc). I miss all the fancy ads. 'Normal' radio becomes just noise after a while. You tune out and you're not really listening. It's just background. I actually listen when I use I must have for Spotify too, if I felt such a shock. I think it would be awful if we had to start tuning out from here too. Sod that for a game of soldiers, I'd go back to my CDs! BBC World Service is good though. I'm not counting that.

    Dez 25 2008, 14h37
  • blackfeltfedora

    The really funny thing about web advertisements is that those who use the internet the most are the ones who are impacted by it the least.

    Dez 29 2008, 7h18
  • Babs_05

    Makes sense. :)

    Dez 29 2008, 9h56
  • redspyda

    Well I think that the current advertising model needs restructuring for the 21st century.. like you said above, why pay attention to the ad if it contains nothing that interests you? I know I don't, and I've had ads pop up on a few gaming sites [short 15 second clips] but they were at least in the same genre of games that I was watching in the first place. But in contrast, I read this morning that my cable provider [Time Warner Cable] will be losing a grip of channels over increasing distribution fees, because of increased advertising on the net. For all the changes we've gone through, and the tough economy that we're in [which won't end for at least another year] we need to change some policies and models for the future. Sorry that this doesn't have much to do with music subs and ads, but as a whole it makes sense.

    Dez 31 2008, 16h20
  • Toasterbottom

    Call me a Judah (or something) but I think the ads are almost the best thing on network television. I actually have favourites that I look forward to. I take pleasure in the creator's ability to make me laugh in 30 seconds and keep me smiling for hours afterward. Most of the actual tv on tv is such shit that the ads are a nice break. As for commercial radio -- wouldn't know. Haven't listened for years but it's not because of the ads; it's because of the really crappy mainstream music and retarded djs.

    Jan 6 2009, 19h59
  • Mirage106z28

    "maybe they should revert to old-fashioned advertising pre-1950s - "Buy X! You won't regret it!" I couldn't agree more! I've said this for a long time. If an advertiser would ever just say straight out, "Buy this. It's great. We'd really like it if you did," I'd probably buy the product, even if it was something I only marginally wanted. I'd buy it just to reward their straightforward and honest approach.

    Jun 6 2009, 21h48
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