[My Gang] Redd Kross - Yesterday Once More : Reco of the Week 22 Jul 08


Jul 23 2008, 0h38

Artist: Redd Kross
Track: Yesterday Once More
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I hope to achieve a number of things with this week's reco:

* console those who miss the old Last.fm
* console those who are missing their radios while the site is being worked on
* console those who are going to miss other people's tag radios
* entertain and make everyone smile
* get everyone singing-along. We all know the words, there's no denying it

I was first alerted to this cover by my friend Soundhog. He used to recommend proper rock to me and I'd get saucy and send him pure cheese. I used to get such a thrill watching my tracks appear in his Recently Played. Of course, he only did this when he could delete! (Did you? Did you delete them?) Anyway, one day, I sent him the Carpenters and he got back at me with this. It must have been at least two years ago now. Still makes me chuckle.

The song, a cover of the Carpenters Yesterday Once More, is about hearing old songs from the past; getting caught up in the memories they bring and the stories they tell. I thought whilst we still remember the old site (anyone else getting flash backs?) we should officially say goodbye. May it rest in peace, old friend.

Feast your eyes:

Doesn't it feel like you've come home?

But we must move on. Onwards and upwards. Let's help where we can and try to forgive what got us here.

Babs My Gang

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  • extemporanea

    Oh, I can't help droping a tear. Last.fm was so bonito. Y_Y Thanks for those images.

    Jul 23 2008, 22h16
  • Babs_05

    I know exactly how you feel. When I was going through Google Images to find a suitable pic, I found myself lingering. Then I found that old ancient player we used to have. Awww! :'D Thanks for the comment. :)

    Jul 23 2008, 22h20
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