[My Gang] Funkadelic - Maggot Brain : Reco of the Week 29 April 08


Abr 29 2008, 18h04

Artist: Funkadelic
Track: Maggot Brain
Album: Maggot Brain
Tags: , , , , ,

Video - Eddie Hazel & Michael Hampton (Maryland 1983) (8:53)

George Clinton / Parliament / Funkadelica are coming to Massive Attack's Meltdown Festival in London on 21 June! I can't believe it. I'm hoping some of my friends will agree to go with me, it's a must-see.

I had no idea what George Clinton looked like till well into the 90s and when I did, I practically stopped breathing. The man invented showmanship. Actually, truth be known, the man invented a whole lot of things. There's a fantastic documentary in YouTube about the beginnings and career of the holy trinity, if you're not familiar with them.

Documentary (53:44)

As a child of the 70s, it was impossible not to hear them. If you didn't listen to them per se, you were listening to bands they inspired. Kool and the Gang, Rick James (who begat Prince), rock bands too numerous to mention, jazz, then later R&B and hip-hop.

Allmusic has written an accurate summary of funk explaining more.

What interests me about music is how it all connects. How artists of different styles and genres inspire each other, how they borrow ideas and run with them. You can't listen to just one genre and think that's it, there's nothing else. And it's so exciting to hear musicians throw in something totally unexpected.


I didn't hear Maggot Brain as a child but did later. It's the soundtrack to thousands of parties, after the energy has burnt itself out and the best bit begins, the chill out. The video I've chosen is a live performance but if you want to hear the original, go here. There are no visuals but it doesn't matter, your mind will be wandering off anyway. There's a comment in YouTube that says "when this was recorded, clinton surrounded hazel with speakers and told him to play like his mother had just dies, then he told him to play like she was alive again".

Babs My Gang


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  • adamson_

    you HAVE to go see George Clinton play... that would be so freaking awesome!! Like, the best thing ever... really.

    Abr 30 2008, 1h42
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the comment, adamson. I really hope I can see them too. :)

    Abr 30 2008, 1h50
  • Apollo_Zilvala

    i fucking love this album... just thought i'd let you know.

    Mai 2 2008, 6h01
  • Babs_05

    haha, thank you for sharing, Apollo_Zilvala. :) And thanks for the comment.

    Mai 2 2008, 9h55
  • intothehollow

    thanks for the video! u've got to go to that concert. I'm gonna miss it 'cause Im from Spain... I hope I will read ur concert review x)

    Jun 7 2008, 4h41
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