Alexandria Quartet - Wide Range Rock


Nov 3 2007, 3h19

The Alexandria Quartet and I had a weird, synchronous moment. I was loving Justine by The Alexandria Quartet (different band) over in October's NNME and a few hours later, Alexandria Quartet (no 'The') found my MySpace and messaged me, wondering if I'd be interested in reviewing them.


Favourably disposed, I listened to the five tracks off their debut EP, The Daydreams of Youth, I was so generously offered.

Going on the very catchy opening tracks, Five Minute Zeitgeist and Through The Back Door, I was all set for some modern, melodious, slightly scuzzy , so how surprised was I to hear Manor House Girl? So unexpected! It's rock without rocks, heading towards , delicate in a masculine way.

It's Just A Ride is like an early 90s indie anthem, the kind that was played loud at every good party.

Finishing, we hear why they're a quartet in the traditional sense. Nostalgia looks over it's shoulder to the 60s and people like Syd Barrett and The Pentangle. Hippy, folky rock multi-layered and textured, keeping it interesting on every listen.

Alexandria Quartet are: Adam Donen (vocals, guitar), Dafna Dekel (drums, hangpan, percussion), Tom Dewey (keyboards, vocals, whisky), Simon Aulwich (bass)

There's nice scope here. A breadth of knowledge and an ability to deliver. Musically, there's much promise which, to my mind, makes them 'ones to watch'.

The Daydreams of Youth EP is out now.


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  • IanAR

    Good call Babs! - Putting this on the [i]Art Rock[/i] journal. Art Rock's what came to my mind, when I sampled their MySpace, even though it says: [i][b]Rock / Indie / Alternative[/b][/i]. R/I/A is often my first turn-off, when seeing a MySpace profile - Really, what does that mean? [img][/img] [b][i]Post-JMC Art Rock[/i][/b] would be a so much better designation for much of the music of a lot of these bands, IMO - Best, Ian[sub][/sub]

    Nov 9 2007, 16h29
  • Babs_05

    Yayy, glad I got it right. : ) I wish I'd thought of the term 'art rock' when I was writing, I settled for 'indie rock' instead, which isn't quite correct. 'Rock / indie / alternative' are pretty meaningless save to give a broad idea. They only serve to differentiate between 'pop', 'R'n'B', etc. Thanks for the comment, Ian. Bx

    Nov 9 2007, 18h56
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